The Great News of the Gospel – Part 18

“Jacob, I loved. Esau, I hated.” -God

We hear this and wonder what it means and what God is trying to tell us today. Some say it’s about God individually selecting people for salvation and leaving others with no chance. But is that what’s really going on in Romans 9?

No way! Instead, it’s about God historically doing whatever He pleases. He always does it His way. And now “His way” is known as the new covenant. Through the new covenant, Gentiles are invited to be a part of God’s kingdom.

So, it’s not about individual selection. It’s about God’s prerogative and His secret plan (now revealed!) to unleash the Gospel on the whole world through Jesus. This is how He calls people who were never His people, His people!

Enjoy this enlightening take on Romans 9. It’s so liberating and unifying!

Discussion Questions for Romans 9:

  1. Read verses 1-5. Why does Paul say he’s telling the truth and why would he be willing to give up his own salvation?
  2. Read verses 6-8. Explain “they are not all Israel who are descended from Israel.”
  3. Read verses 9-12. How do Isaac and Ishmael, and Jacob and Esau, both make the point that physical Israel doesn’t get a free pass and God can do as He pleases?
  4. Read verses 14-18. Who is “the man who wills or the man who runs” in this passage? And who is it that God has decided to have mercy on today under the new covenant?
  5. Read verses 19-24. Who are the vessels of common use (vessels of wrath)? Who are the vessels of honorable use? What is Paul defending in the passage?
  6. Read verses 25-26. How does the Old Testament quote from Hosea reveal the true meaning of predestination in Romans 9?
  7. Read verses 30-31. How is this a summation or encapsulation of the whole chapter?
  8. Read verses 32-33. How is Jesus a stumbling stone to the Jews? And what does it mean to you that believers in Him “will not be disappointed”?

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