The Great News of the Gospel – Part 21

Are you ready for a revolutionary perspective on how you relate to God every day? Look no further! I invite you to dive into my latest message, where I unveil the profound insights within Romans 12. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you!

  • Discover the significance of offering your body as a living sacrifice, not a dead one!
  • Gain a whole new view of worship. It’s not limited to a mere 22 minutes of music each week!
  • Learn how your mind is renewed, allowing God’s transformative power to shape your thoughts and perspectives.
  • Find solace in the unwavering trust that God’s will is always good, and that you are intricately designed to align perfectly with it.
  • Gain a fresh understanding of humility, learning to view yourself through God’s eyes. Say exactly what He says about you, neither more nor less.
  • Release the burden of vengeance and discover the peace and freedom that come from relinquishing the weight of retaliation.


Don’t miss out on this one! Embark on a thought-provoking journey with Romans 12.

Discussion Questions for Romans 12:1-21:

  1. Why is it significant that your body is a “living and holy” sacrifice as opposed to a dead one?
  2. How does verse 12 help you redefine worship or expand your view of it?
  3. React to this statement: My mind needs to be renewed, but my heart and spirit do not!
  4. How does verse 2 reassure you that you can be comfortable with God’s will and God’s plans for your life?
  5. React to this statement: Real humility is saying the same thing about yourself that God says, no more and no less.
  6. How do verses 4-7 free us up to each be our unique selves in Christ? What does this passage mean for those who seek to push everyone into the same mold?
  7. Read verses 9-13. Considering the context of Romans (especially chapters 5-8), how can a person carry out the instruction in this chapter without it becoming legalism?
  8. Read verses 17-21. How does the final judgment factor into the rationale for how we treat evildoers today?

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