The Great News of the Gospel – Part 6

The Law only speaks to one group – unbelievers. And it shuts everyone up! But thankfully, apart from the Law we can enjoy being 100% right with God for free. And God’s need for justice has been fully satisfied: The wages of sin is death. Jesus died. Do the math and celebrate!

Does this mean we bash the Law or hate the Law? No, it means the opposite: Those who opt for God’s grace are the only ones who truly respect the Law as both perfect and impossible!

So, I hope this message on the second half of Romans 3 causes you to brag on Jesus like never before!

Discussion Questions for Romans 3:19-31:

  1. Read verses 19-20. In review, who does the Law speak to and what does it say?
  2. Read verses 21-22. What significance does “apart from the Law” hold? And in your own words, what is “righteousness”?
  3. Read verse 24. How is “justification” more than just being forgiven?
  4. Read verse 25. What is “propitiation”? What is God trying to tell us in using this word?
  5. Read verse 26. How is God both “just” and “the justifier”? (Hint: Consider the wages of sin.)
  6. Read verses 27-28. Why doesn’t the Gospel lead us into arrogance?
  7. Read verses 29-30. How does this speak to those who claim there’s one message for Jews and a different message for Gentiles today?
  8. Read verse 31. What does “establish the Law” mean here? (Hint: It’s only those who opt for God’s grace instead that truly respect the perfect and impossible standard of the Law.)

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