The Perfect You – Part 2

The enemy has made great accusations about you. He wants you to live in shame about past performance and believe you’re the sum total of what you’ve done. He’s not just tempting you to do bad but to believe you are bad. It’s an attack on your heart.

The question is, how will you respond? Do you believe that you’re good? That God doesn’t see you as a dirty, rotten sinner but delights in you and thinks the world of you? That you’re a partaker of the divine nature?

In Part 2 of my series, The Perfect You, I share how God has called you to embrace your new-hearted self and to stop self-inspecting. You can live in confidence, believing not only that you are good but that you don’t really want to sin anymore.

Inspired by the book, The Perfect You: God’s Invitation to Live from the Heart.

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