Try to “abide”?

What does it mean to abide in Christ? Why did Jesus have to be resurrected? I know it’s not about feelings, but how can I experience my union with Christ more? I feel like I have been misaligned with Him for some time now!

How exactly do we “walk by the Spirit”?

What is the difference between discipleship and sonship? How do we know we’re walking by the Spirit? Does the Father actually “take away” branches that don’t bear enough fruit?

“You’re like the Holy of Holies!”

Can you walk away from the faith and no longer abide in Christ? Didn’t Jesus teach that we should keep the Sabbath? Were the angels at Jesus’s tomb a fulfillment of the angels that were on the ark of the covenant?

07.30.2023 – The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley

Can you be cast away and burned if you don’t abide in Christ enough? What does it mean to worship God “in spirit and in truth”? How do you “stay right” with God? How can you be loving but also stand up for the truth of the Gospel? How does God’s grace factor into my […]

07.24.2023 – The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley

What does it mean to “abide” in Christ? Is there a “soul sleep”? What are your thoughts on the movie “Sound of Freedom”? Did Jesus limit His knowledge while He lived on Earth? If all Scripture is inspired and useful, then how should we view the Old Testament?

08.23.2022 – The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley

Why do Catholic priests wear robes? Why does John write that we need to abide in Christ to not shrink back at His return? I feel like I’ve had two salvation experiences. When was I actually saved? How were people in the Old Testament made right before God?

06.08.2022 – The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley

Why does Jesus say “if you obey My commands” in John 15? How often should we preach about Hell? Is infant baptism Biblical? Why am I so overwhelmed with trying to lay things at Jesus‘ feet? What should I do if I can’t seem to trust Him?

01.17.2022 – The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley

Is John 15 addressing believers or unbelievers? What does it mean to abide? Is it right to picture Christ walking beside me and telling me it’s going to be okay? What is speaking in tongues? Is it a second blessing or evidence of true salvation? What is praying in the Spirit?

06.25.2017 – Andrew Farley Live!

Are my homosexual kids saved? I struggle with addiction and wonder if I am still saved, can you help me? What does it mean to abide in Christ?