Keep the Christian life simple!

Which commandments do we need to follow in the Bible? Can you explain Ephesians 5 concerning coarse jesting and immorality? What is the “simplicity of Christ” that Paul talks about? How can we avoid straying from it?

“Exorcism isn’t enough!”

Why didn’t God give us the new covenant from the start? What is the unpardonable sin? What about Christians who just continue in sin? What was Jesus trying to say in Luke 11 about demon possession? How can we effectively witness to those who don’t believe in the Bible? Is it wrong for me to […]

“I saw Christians in Hell!”

How should we interpret near-death experiences where they go to Heaven or Hell and come back? Why did a woman need to prophesy with her head covered in 1 Corinthians 11? I had a friend terminate our relationship because of my view on law and grace. Can a person be saved yet confused on that?

How do we define sin without the Law?

Did Demas lose his salvation because he loved the world? I struggle with a sin consciousness and often doubt my salvation. Can you help? Our Bible study group is studying Romans, and I’m wondering how to teach law and grace, especially when it comes to how we define sin today?

“How do I walk by the Spirit? How do I offer my body to God?”

What does it mean to walk by the Spirit? Which person of the Trinity should I pray to? Do we need to ask for the Holy Spirit to be saved? What happens when we die? Do we see Jesus right away or are we asleep? Can women speak in church or must they always remain […]

“Should I keep attending my church or leave?”

What is the mark of the beast? Should I stay at my church if they don’t teach the grace of God? I feel negative and awful every morning. What should I do? Are belief and faith different things?

“How do so many miss the truth?”

Why were the books of Enoch and Mary not included in the canon? Are there any contradictions in the King James Version? How can so many churches and ministries miss the truth of God’s grace? What does “outer darkness” refer to in Matthew 25? How should we view heavenly rewards? What does the Parable of […]

“How do you know you’re right about God’s grace?”

How do you know that a grace-centered perspective is the most accurate interpretation of the Gospel? Why does Jesus tell some people “depart from Me”? How does God view your spirit, your soul, and your body? Is your body evil? Or is it holy?

“I’m a pastor and have never taught tithing!”

What is the purpose of the Mark 7 discussion on dogs eating crumbs from the table? What is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? I’ve been a pastor for many years and have never taught tithing. Grace giving works!

“Prepare myself to hear from God?”

The once-for-all forgiveness message is powerful! I’m blown away by God’s grace as seen in Hebrews. I’m a new believer. How can you hear God’s voice? Do I need to prepare myself?

“I can never live up to agape love!”

How did David view the Law? How is his life a testimony to the mercy of God? What about the failures of Moses and Paul? 1 Corinthians 13 seems like an impossible standard. How can we ever live up to it? I’m exiting the Catholic Church and trying out new congregations. Do I need to […]

“How can I avoid a counterfeit message?”

How can I avoid being tossed back-and-forth by every wind of doctrine? What role do the Ten Commandments play in the Christian life? Do you get frustrated with the Law-based teaching out there? Does 1 John 3 really say Christians don’t sin anymore?

The “third use” of the Law?

My sister is telling me God wants us to balance law and grace. She refers to Luther’s “third use of the law.” What are your thoughts? Churches don’t seem to minister to people who are married to unbelievers. Do you think this is true? Does the Holy Spirit bring sins we’ve committed to our remembrance? […]

Does the Spirit help us keep the Law? No!

Does the Holy Spirit help us keep the Law? What does it mean to “gain the whole world and forfeit your soul”? What is the false teaching in 1 Timothy 4:1 really about? I love the freedom of God’s grace! *Previously aired

Does the Spirit help us keep the Law? No!

Does the Holy Spirit help us keep the Law? What does it mean to “gain the whole world and forfeit your soul”? What is the false teaching in 1 Timothy 4:1 really about? I love the freedom of God’s grace!

03.04.2024 – The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley

Why don’t I always feel regret and remorse about sin if I am truly saved? Why does Romans 8:13 say “you must die”? Is it important to be legally married if we’re already married in the eyes of God? How can I share the Gospel with my Jewish friend?

“Why not just sin if we’re totally forgiven?”

Why not just sin if we’re totally forgiven? Is there a second baptism of the Holy Spirit that includes tongues? When do you receive the Spirit – at salvation or later? Are both men and women made in God’s image? I’m born again now, and I wonder if I should continue to go to my […]