A fresh look at The Great Commission

Shortly before ascending to Heaven, Jesus’ last words included, “Go and make disciples.” Known as the Great Commission, this famous instruction serves as a rallying cry for many churches and inspires people to move to the far corners of the Earth.

But did Jesus truly say, “Go”? A closer look at the original language reveals something intriguing. It actually reads, “As you go…” or even “Having gone…” Is it possible we’ve misunderstood parts of this passage?

As I share with a caller in this short video clip, The Great Commission isn’t an imposing call to relocate. It’s not a guilt-inducing mandate to share our faith with everyone we meet. As a believer, you’re already “going” by simply walking as a child of light and reflecting the love of Christ!


Find out more about evangelism from a grace perspective in my video clip, The Great Commission, and my BibleQuestions.com Q&A, Should Christians Be “Witnessing”?

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