Can we lose God’s protection?

Believers in Christ are united with Him and safe in His love and protection. But can that relationship be interrupted by our sins? That was the question of a recent caller who asked if we fall out of God’s protection when we sin.

It’s a popular teaching that we can fall “in and out” with God – in and out of fellowship, in and out of His will, and in and out of His protection.

In this short video clip, I address the confusion around the false idea of conditional union with Christ. You’ll discover you don’t need to fear God revoking His presence, and you’ll learn why you can have bold confidence that you are safe and secure forever!


For more teaching on why you don’t need to fear falling “in and out” with God, check out these video clips: Can we fall in and out of fellowship with God? and Can you fall in and out of God’s will?

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