How do you balance grace and obedience?

Believers are saved by grace, but we’re also taught that pleasing God means walking in obedience. This might leave us wondering how to balance grace and obedience, or as a recent caller asked, where’s the “fine line” between the two?

I loved this call, because it points to a more all-encompassing question: How can you live each day inspired by God’s grace?

The answer starts with realizing true obedience is not about cranking out good behavior but about your motivation and focus along the way. Remember, without faith, it’s impossible to please God!

Check out this short video clip and discover there is no fine line or “balancing” of grace and obedience. God’s grace is so enormous and inspiring, it’s what causes your obedience!


You don’t need to be careful about too much grace! Find out more about this important truth in this message, or check out my book, The Grace Message: Is the Gospel Really This Good?

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