Is it a sin not to tithe?

Tithing is a common practice in many churches, but some leaders turn up the pressure by teaching we gain favor with God through our giving. Some even say you’re robbing God and committing a sin if you don’t tithe.

A recent caller was struggling with guilt for not tithing to her church and asked if she was a thief who was stealing from the Lord, as her pastor suggested.

So, is it a sin not to tithe? Actually, it’s a sin to tithe if we are giving from a law-based motivation rather than giving freely from the heart! And as I share in this short video clip, it’s also a sin to believe and teach that giving allows you to remain in good standing with God.

Check it out and discover the joy and freedom to give that comes from knowing you’re dead to the tithe!


Find out more about New Testament giving and the end of the tithe in this video clip, Tithing and Blessings from God, or this written Q&A I shared on, Does the Bible Say Christians Need to Tithe?

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