How to forgive when you’ve been wronged

When we’ve been hurt or wronged by others, certain emotions are only natural. And the more we dwell on these offenses, the more we may gravitate toward the thought of revenge. This was the case for a recent caller who asked for help.

The healthy solution when someone hurts you is to forgive them, but that sometimes feels easier said than done, especially when they’re unwilling to acknowledge the damage they’ve inflicted on you.

In this short video clip, I share what forgiving others looks like because of your new heart. You might be surprised that it’s not necessarily about being sweet, selfless, or even having to talk to them again. But when you discover the healthy way forward, you’ll be freed from those all-consuming and controlling thoughts, and you’ll find the peace you’re longing for!


To learn more about forgiveness, healing, and finding peace, check out this message or pick up a copy of my book, The Hurt & The Healer.

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