What happens if you backslide, doubt, or waver?

When you go through seasons where God feels distant, you might think it’s because you did something wrong. A recent caller struggled with not sensing the Spirit and feared it was because she had backslid and wavered in her faith. She asked if doubting was apostasy and if she had lost her salvation.

The good news for believers is the Spirit lives in you no matter what you feel. Your rightness with God isn’t based on the strength of your faith, how much time you spend in the Word, or whether you stumble or doubt.

As I share in this short video clip, when you’re saved, you’re saved forever, and it’s because of God’s goodness, not your doing. You’ll find great encouragement when you focus on what He’s done and how He sees you!


Learn more about how God views your doubts, including why He said Abraham “did not waver” in this message, The Great News of the Gospel – Part 8. Or check out my BibleQuestions.com Q&A, What if you struggle with doubt?

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