The Great News of the Gospel – Part 8

Abraham doubted God’s promise to provide him and his wife with a son. Then, he decided to have a child with another woman just in case God didn’t come through.

But that’s not what Romans 4 says about Abraham! God tells us through the Apostle Paul that Abraham “did not waver” in unbelief, grew strong in his faith, and was “fully assured.”

Are you kidding me? I find that interesting, to say the least, don’t you? Why would God describe Abraham in this way, leaving out his biggest failure and even showcasing his faith?

I think you’re going to love the answer, because it’s a beautiful reminder of how God sees you even in the midst of failure.

Find out more right here in this compelling look at Abraham from God’s viewpoint.

Discussion Questions for Romans 4:16-5:1:

  1. In what way is Abraham the father of us all?
  2. How does verse 17 speak to Creation itself?
  3. React to this statement: God views Abraham as never wavering even though he concocted a Plan B.
  4. How does verse 25 convey the two main aspects of the Gospel message?
  5. What does it mean to you personally to have peace with God?

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