Is Repentance Necessary?

When believers sin, do we need to ask for forgiveness? And what about repentance? There are many great reasons to turn from sin, but getting more forgiveness isn’t one of them! So, what’s our motivation for not letting sin reign in our lives?

The Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Supper should be a time of tremendous celebration as we honor the finished work of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, too many believers are focused instead on their recent track record of sins, trying to get cleansed before they partake. In some cases, we’ve even been told not to let children or visitors participate! In […]

The Truth About Abiding

We don’t “try” to abide in Christ. If you are in Christ, then you already abide (live) in Christ.

The Tale of Two Rooms

In this short video, I share the true story of two rooms in our Indiana home and how they relate to your new identity in Jesus Christ!

What does it mean to celebrate the once-for-all sacrifice of Jesus Christ?

In the Old Testament, the priests offered animal sacrifices, over and over, repeatedly, endlessly, and they could never take away sins.  But when Jesus became our sacrifice, He offered Himself “once for all” so that we are completely forgiven people.  In this short video, I share what it means to celebrate the once-for-all sacrifice of […]

There Is No Movie Reel of Your Sins!

​The year was 1988, and my youth pastor had said that Christ would be returning the next morning. The entire youth group was freaking out!  In this short video, I share this funny (and true!) story, because it says a lot about what many of us imagine will happen at the final judgment.  I hope […]

God in a swivel chair?

In the Old Testament, the Israelites could not remain faithful. At one point, God even said that He “turned away from them.”   That was the Old Testament experience under the Law. I like to call that experience “God in a swivel chair.”  In this short video, I explain why today we can experience God […]

Christianity: A Rule-Based Religion?

An alarming number of Christians today think that Christianity is primarily about obeying the “rules” written in the Bible.  In this short video clip, I talk about why Christianity is not about rule-keeping and why our relationship with God is so much better than that!

When Did the New Covenant Begin?

The world divides history with the birth of Christ as the dividing line (using B.C. and A.D.). Therefore, most of us grow up assuming that the birth of Jesus is indeed when everything changed. Even Bible publishers have inserted a page right before the birth of Jesus in Matthew 1 that says “The New Testament.”  […]

New Covenant Sunglasses

How should we, as new covenant believers, look at the Old Testament?  To answer that question in this short video clip, I share the story of my first time watching a 3-D movie.  Enjoy!

Government Bailout

Does God have an apology-based economy or a blood-based economy for sins?   In this short video, I talk about it.   Enjoy!

Reflecting the Love of God

One of the biggest revelations we can have as believers is that we are producers of nothing.   Yeah, you read that one right.   We were never designed to produce anything, spiritually speaking. Instead, we were handcrafted by our Creator to be receivers and reflectors of all that Christ is in and through us.  […]

The Secret of Contentment

One so-called gospel says that God guarantees us prosperity and financial blessing on this side of heaven. Another so-called gospel demands that you give everything away in order to truly be spiritual.  Both of these erroneous messages seek a change in your circumstances in order for you to get right and stay right with God. […]

Loving When It’s Hard

How do we love people when they have hurt us? How do we love when it just seems too hard? How do we love when our feelings don’t line up?  This was Linda’s question. In this short video, I discuss the path toward love when it seems impossible!

Input and Output

Sometimes we get things backwards!   We often seek to change our actions (the output) instead of first looking to the ideas (the input) that we’ve allowed to fill our minds.   In this short video clip, I talk about why your mind is like a computer and why the input you receive is so […]

Peace with  God –> Peace of  God

How do we experience the peace of God in really difficult circumstances?  It starts with knowing we have peace with God.​  In this short video, I explain.   Enjoy!

A Sin Blockade?

Some claim that our sins cause a blockade between us and God such that He no longer hears our prayers. But this erroneous idea stems from a poor interpretation of 1 Peter 3:7.   In this short video, I talk about the true meaning of the passage and discuss the simple truth about prayer, our […]

Merry Christmas to you!

Christmas means compatibility! God’s divinity is compatible with our humanity. And Jesus came as one of us in order to prove it! In this short clip, I share why Christmas is so important to me. Enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas!

The Truth About God’s Will

What is God’s will for your life? Is it hard to get in God’s will and then stay in His will? Many Christians find themselves paralyzed by trying to figure out God’s will. But in this short video, I share the simple truth about God’s will. Don’t miss this one. It may free you up […]