You’re Invited to Freedom!

Andrew Farley

We often hang on to what’s familiar, thinking a compromise between old and new is the best of both worlds. But the New Covenant is an invitation to leave the past behind and enjoy the freedom of God’s grace!

Your Inspiration Is from Within!

Andrew Farley

Imagine you’re inhabited by the spirit of Michael Phelps and then invited to swim in an Olympic competition. Find out how this relates to your life in Christ today!

You Don’t Need to “Die to Self”!

Andrew Farley

A lot happened to you at salvation! Because you were placed in Christ, you were included in His death and resurrection. Now, you don’t need to “die to self” because you’re the new self. So, instead, learn who you are and be yourself!

You Are a Gift from God to Jesus!

Andrew Farley

John 6:39 reveals that you are a gift from God to Jesus. That’s right, a gift. It goes on to say that Jesus will never lose you. A good father never revokes a gift he has given. Likewise, Jesus will never lose us because we were given to Him by the Father. Jesus is an […]

You’re Forgiven – Past, Present, and Future!

Andrew Farley

At salvation, you’re forgiven, redeemed, and reconciled to God. The New Testament letters describe this reality in past tense. So just as we don’t need to pray daily for redemption, we don’t need to pray daily for forgiveness. Redemption and forgiveness are a package deal!

How Do You Get Close to God?

Andrew Farley

We often hear that closeness to God is progressive, a slow journey from a place of distance to a place of intimacy through the formula of religious activities. But is that really the Gospel message, or do you already have the free gift of closeness with God?

God’s Discipline Is His Deep Care For You!

Andrew Farley

We might think God’s discipline is punishment for sins, but believers are forgiven and free from condemnation. God’s discipline is not about keeping score but rather His deep concern and desire for you to experience His best!

You Don’t Need to Impress God!

Andrew Farley

Religion tells us that God will like us more when we do more for Him. But believers in Christ can stop worrying about performing. God has made you perfect and loves you exactly as you are. And what you once thought you had to do is replaced by what you want to do!

Are You Enjoying Rest?

Andrew Farley

When you’re in Christ, you’re totally forgiven, living under grace, and clean and close to God. There’s no more treadmill of performance or standard to meet. You get to relax, be yourself, and take a deep sigh of relief because the Gospel is an invitation to rest!

The Bible Doesn’t Set You Free

Andrew Farley

Christians can confuse walking in the truth with time spent reading the Bible. Studying the Scriptures is awesome and important, but even unbelievers can be Bible experts. The key to walking in truth is to trust the Author of the Bible who lives within you!

You Are Zealous for Good Deeds!

When you become a child of God, you’re raised to newness of life and you’re transformed into a “good tree.” This means if you choose to sin, you’ll be miserable. Conversely, if you choose to display the fruit of the Spirit, you’ll be fulfilled. Either way, it proves that God has made you zealous for […]

You Don’t Really Want to Sin!

Andrew Farley

Many of us view our identity in Christ as being washed and forgiven of our sins. But who you are at the center of your being – your nature, your heart, your very essence – runs deeper than your behavior and being forgiven. God has transformed you, changed your core desires, and made you good!

Christian, Are You Good?

Andrew Farley

We’ve been taught that believers are holy and righteous but that sanctification is a process. While it’s true that your attitudes and actions are being set apart (sanctified), 1 Corinthians 6:11 states that you (as a person!) have been washed, justified, and sanctified. It’s over and done. God has set you apart as His own. […]

You Don’t Need More of God!

Andrew Farley

In some religious circles, people beg and plead for more of God, asking for more of His presence or the Spirit to “fall fresh” on them. But God has already blessed us with His favor, He’s given us every spiritual blessing, and He promises that we’ll never hunger or thirst again. In this short video, […]

Accused of Not Doing or Being Enough?

Andrew Farley

How’s your prayer life? How’s your walk? Have you done your quiet time? Are you serving? Attending church enough? It’s a modern-day, Bible-belt version of the Law that’s not from God. Instead of feeling accused and ashamed, discover the Holy Spirit-inspired motivation for godly living!

God’s Solution to Temptation

Andrew Farley

God’s solution to temptation is not that it will get better with more time, more Bible study, or more willpower. Instead, recognizing the source of sinful thoughts and realizing you’re dead to its power will help you overcome temptation!

Do You Know You’re Pure?

Andrew Farley

Many Christians don’t think they’re pure, especially when looking at their sins. We can become frustrated with our performance, worrying that we need to improve to be right with God. But knowing that you’re already blameless, spotless, and pure will help you find peace and joy again! (Titus 2:14)

God’s Prediction About You…

Andrew Farley

In John 14:15, Jesus says, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.” Some take this as a threat to get busy doing what God commands or that maybe He doubts your love for Him. Check out this short video clip and discover He’s actually stating a fact – and making a bold prediction […]

Salvation Is Simple!

The church can overcomplicate what’s required to be saved. We tell people they need to surrender, make Jesus Lord, or pray a certain prayer. But salvation is simply looking to someone who is not you. Fix your eyes on Jesus and find life!

Are You the “Ideal” Christian?

Some might define the “ideal” Christian by their church attendance, volunteer service, ­­or hard work to please God. But what if He already celebrates you and rejoices over you? Check out this short video clip and rest in His great love!