A Foreign Agent

Andrew Farley

What if those sinful thoughts don’t really come from you? Great news: They don’t!

The iConfess App

Andrew Farley

Imagine if you had to tally up your sins and confess them all via a mobile app! The truth is some of us would probably need a super computer out of Washington to keep up with our life’s record of sins. In this engaging clip, Andrew shares why our forgiveness had to be “once for […]

Righteousness Is Your New Normal!

You’re going to prove you’re new-hearted one way or another: by sinning and being miserable or by bearing fruit and being fulfilled. Either way, you prove God is right about you!

The Hope Is Internal, Not External!

Andrew Farley

Genuine hope does not come from a promise of new circumstances, but from God’s promise of new perspective even when old circumstances remain. Taken from Andrew’s message covering Romans 5:1-17, The Great News of the Gospel – Part 9.

Look at You!

Andrew Farley

What if God did more than forgive you and book you for Heaven? Here, I describe the treasure of infinite worth that now lies within you.

Does Growth Mean We’re Getting More Righteous?

Andrew Farley

If we are righteous and new, then why do we still sin? If we are still growing and learning, does that mean we are becoming more righteous over time? Discover the liberating answers to these important questions in this short video.

You’ve Been Righteoufied!

Andrew Farley

Some say justification means God treats you “just as if you’ve never sinned.” But the truth is that’s just forgiveness. And that understanding of justification doesn’t go far enough. Here you’ll discover the truth about what it means to be justified and learn a new (invented!) word along the way.

No More Hypocrisy!

Find out why Christians are often labeled as hypocrites and what to do about it, once and for all!

The Kindness of God

Andrew Farley

Lots of Christians are scared of God, but it doesn’t really help their Christian life. In fact, it actually hurts. If you grew up with fire and brimstone and were afraid of God’s disapproval, this video is for you!

Someone Else’s Mail

Andrew Farley

Sometimes you read a passage of Scripture, and you immediately get that lump in your throat. You start feeling guilty. But what if you’re reading a description of someone who is not you? What if you’re reading “someone else’s mail”?

The Gospel is the Power of God!

Andrew Farley

You might be surprised to learn that Romans reveals the true and liberating meaning of predestination even in its first chapter: God pre-planned that the Gospel would be unleashed on both the Jews and the Gentiles. Check it out for yourself right here!

Let’s go out to Jesus!

Andrew Farley

The crucifixion of Jesus was not showcased in the Jewish temple. No, He was escorted outside the walls of the city to the place where animal carcasses were burned. We are invited out to this place with Jesus to celebrate Him, and we can expect ridicule from the establishment. Check out this short clip in […]

“My growth is Your problem to solve!”

Andrew Farley

What if your growth is God’s problem? What if the pressure is really off, and you can trust Him with the journey? Learning the liberating truth starts right here.

Can Christianity Be Fun?

Andrew Farley

Does your Christianity come with side effects like a bad medicine? Or is it truly fun and freeing the way God always intended? Discover the difference in this short video!

Christ is Compatible with You!

Jesus lived as one of us for 33 years to prove His divinity is compatible with our humanity. But you are even further proof, as Christ lives in you today!

Joy to the world!

Andrew Farley

As I think of all the gifts God has given, I think of you, and I’m so grateful for you! Thanks for partnering with me in reaching the world with the powerful truth we’re so beautifully reminded of today: And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us; and we saw His glory, glory as […]