You Don’t Need More of God!

Andrew Farley

In some religious circles, people beg and plead for more of God, asking for more of His presence or the Spirit to “fall fresh” on them. But God has already blessed us with His favor, He’s given us every spiritual blessing, and He promises that we’ll never hunger or thirst again. In this short video, […]

Accused of Not Doing or Being Enough?

Andrew Farley

How’s your prayer life? How’s your walk? Have you done your quiet time? Are you serving? Attending church enough? It’s a modern-day, Bible-belt version of the Law that’s not from God. Instead of feeling accused and ashamed, discover the Holy Spirit-inspired motivation for godly living!

God’s Solution to Temptation

Andrew Farley

God’s solution to temptation is not that it will get better with more time, more Bible study, or more willpower. Instead, recognizing the source of sinful thoughts and realizing you’re dead to its power will help you overcome temptation!

Do You Know You’re Pure?

Andrew Farley

Many Christians don’t think they’re pure, especially when looking at their sins. We can become frustrated with our performance, worrying that we need to improve to be right with God. But knowing that you’re already blameless, spotless, and pure will help you find peace and joy again! (Titus 2:14)

God’s Prediction About You…

Andrew Farley

In John 14:15, Jesus says, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.” Some take this as a threat to get busy doing what God commands or that maybe He doubts your love for Him. Check out this short video clip and discover He’s actually stating a fact – and making a bold prediction […]

Salvation Is Simple!

The church can overcomplicate what’s required to be saved. We tell people they need to surrender, make Jesus Lord, or pray a certain prayer. But salvation is simply looking to someone who is not you. Fix your eyes on Jesus and find life!

Are You the “Ideal” Christian?

Some might define the “ideal” Christian by their church attendance, volunteer service, ­­or hard work to please God. But what if He already celebrates you and rejoices over you? Check out this short video clip and rest in His great love!

Is Sanctification a Process?

In many religious circles, being sanctified is a synonym for growth. Is sanctification a process of doing more and obeying more to become more acceptable to God? Or have you already been sanctified (set apart) as a person?

Do You Have a Heavenly Perspective?

Painful circumstances can feel overwhelming. But in the light of eternity, the difficulties we face today will only be a sentence within a volume of novels about all you’ve experienced with Christ. Check out this short video clip and gain a whole new perspective on your circumstances!

What Really Pleases God?

You might think doing what is right and acceptable to God requires a certain level of obedience and rule-keeping. But is that the true path to rightness with God and bearing fruit? Check out this short video clip and learn what really pleases God!

Do You See What You’re Worth?

If you’ve ever wondered what God thinks of you or worry that He might turn away or give up on you, Galatians 2:20 provides a captivating glimpse into how much He values you!

Is Divine Love in You?

1 Corinthians 13 tells us that love is patient, kind, forgiving, not jealous, and more. So, if you want to be more loving, do you try harder to do all these things? Or is divine love something you already have inside you?

Are You “Backsliding”?

Some label too much grace as “greasy” grace, like we’re climbing toward God, sliding back, then trying harder the next day. Is closeness with God about striving and effort, or is it something we already have?

Is Repentance Necessary?

When believers sin, do we need to ask for forgiveness? And what about repentance? There are many great reasons to turn from sin, but getting more forgiveness isn’t one of them! So, what’s our motivation for not letting sin reign in our lives?

The Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Supper should be a time of tremendous celebration as we honor the finished work of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, too many believers are focused instead on their recent track record of sins, trying to get cleansed before they partake. In some cases, we’ve even been told not to let children or visitors participate! In […]

The Truth About Abiding

We don’t “try” to abide in Christ. If you are in Christ, then you already abide (live) in Christ.

The Tale of Two Rooms

In this short video, I share the true story of two rooms in our Indiana home and how they relate to your new identity in Jesus Christ!

What does it mean to celebrate the once-for-all sacrifice of Jesus Christ?

In the Old Testament, the priests offered animal sacrifices, over and over, repeatedly, endlessly, and they could never take away sins.  But when Jesus became our sacrifice, He offered Himself “once for all” so that we are completely forgiven people.  In this short video, I share what it means to celebrate the once-for-all sacrifice of […]

There Is No Movie Reel of Your Sins!

​The year was 1988, and my youth pastor had said that Christ would be returning the next morning. The entire youth group was freaking out!  In this short video, I share this funny (and true!) story, because it says a lot about what many of us imagine will happen at the final judgment.  I hope […]