Short Videos

Loving When It’s Hard

How do we love people when they have hurt us? How do we love when it just seems too hard? How do we love when our feelings don’t line up?

This was Linda’s question. In this short video, I discuss the path toward love when it seems impossible!

Input and Output

Sometimes we get things backwards!

We often seek to change our actions (the output) instead of first looking to the ideas (the input) that we’ve allowed to fill our minds.

In this short video clip, I talk about why your mind is like a computer and why the input you receive is so very important!

Peace with  God –> Peace of  God

How do we experience the peace of God in really difficult circumstances?

It starts with knowing we have peace with God.​

In this short video, I explain.


A Sin Blockade?

Some claim that our sins cause a blockade between us and God such that He no longer hears our prayers. But this erroneous idea stems from a poor interpretation of 1 Peter 3:7.

In this short video, I talk about the true meaning of the passage and discuss the simple truth about prayer, our sins having been taken away, and our Father hearing us loud and clear!

Merry Christmas to you!

Christmas means compatibility!

God’s divinity is compatible with our humanity. And Jesus came as one of us in order to prove it!

In this short clip, I share why Christmas is so important to me.

Enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas!

The Truth About God’s Will

What is God’s will for your life? Is it hard to get in God’s will and then stay in His will?

Many Christians find themselves paralyzed by trying to figure out God’s will. But in this short video, I share the simple truth about God’s will.

Don’t miss this one. It may free you up more than you can imagine!

The Simple Truth About Predestination

The truth about predestination is actually straightforward and simple. And in this 5-minute video, I offer an easy-to-grasp perspective on this often misunderstood idea.

The Real Dividing Line in History

The New Testament era doesn’t really begin in Matthew 1 at the birth of Christ. In fact, it doesn’t begin on any page of a book. Instead, it begins on a day in human history when Jesus Christ hung on the Cross.

Freedom in Your Prayer Life!

God’s grace revolutionizes our prayer lives. But how? What can prayer look like if we aren’t busy begging God for what we already have in Christ?

In this short video, I share some practical, Scriptural insights that may radically change the way you look at and experience prayer.


Thoughts on Fasting

Do Christians today need to fast? Why did the disciples fast in the Bible? In this short video clip, I share a few thoughts on the topic of fasting and how it fits with the new covenant message of God’s grace.

Foot Washing For Forgiveness?

Some claim that we need more and more forgiveness from Jesus as He washes us on a daily basis. Here I talk about this common misconception and the truth of our once for all cleansing.

Can You Trust Your “Self”?

Is “self” a dirty word? And can you trust your “self”? The answer may surprise you!

Benefits of the Resurrection

A better hope and a better covenant founded on better promises- all because of the death and resurrection of Christ!

Creation And The Cross: Two Finished Works!

Stop trying to “do” and start living in response to all that God has done.


Here’s how one of the earliest events in the Bible relates to our tendency to measure our spiritual status with God.

About Your Heart

A short video clip summarizing the benefits of having a brand new heart.

The Judgment Seat of Christ

In 2 Corinthians 5:10, “all” means all humans, not just Christians, and the outcome at the judgment seat of Christ is very different for believers and unbelievers.

Does God Get Angry at Christians?

In the short video clip, I address whether God gets angry at Christians and whether or not we can please Him with our behavior.

Spirit, Body, and Soul

Is the soul in opposition to the spirit? Or does the soul work in tandem with our spirit? In this short video clip, I address these questions with the ultimate goal of having us remember that God loves us completely, through and through- spirit, soul, and body.

What Does It Mean To Be Indwelt?

In this short video, you’ll get a taste of my ability (or lack thereof!) to do impressions of famous people. You’ll also get my take on what it means to have Christ actually living within us right here and right now.

Dealing With Anxiety

A quick thought about healthy responses to those anxious thoughts that often plague us.

Where Do My Feelings Fit In?

A short teaching on the proper place of our emotions in our relationship with God.

God Prays For You!

When we don’t have the words to express the pain we are feeling and we aren’t even aware of our deepest needs, God’s Spirit knows just how to pray for us!

The Truth About Paul’s Romans 7 Struggle

Here I challenge the idea that Romans 7 is about a believer’s “two spiritual natures” at war with each other. I show what’s really going on – a force called sin is taking over like a parasite, a foreign agent. I discuss why this happens and how we can believe differently to experience victory over sin’s power.

So Should We Just Go On Sinning?

God’s grace is SO big, so should we just go on sinning?

In this video clip, I explore this popular question which was first entertained by the apostle Paul himself in Romans 6.

Saved by His LIFE!

In this short video clip, I celebrate several dynamic truths from Romans 5.


Are You Always In The Spirit?

In this short video, I address important questions about the Holy Spirit. As you find clarity about your spiritual location, you’ll also discover that your new understanding has an impact on your moment-by-moment walk with Jesus Christ.

Does God Need You?

In this short video, I discuss a simple truth that could revolutionize the way you see God. It all starts with realizing how He sees you!

How to Forgive Someone Who Hurt You

In this short video, I share a simple and straightforward way to go about forgiving other people. I have seen God use this easy-to-implement truth to repair broken families and to heal marriages and friendships.

How Close Are You to God?

In this short video clip, find out how you can wake up every day and enjoy perfect closeness with Jesus all day long!