Holy Spirit

Suffering, the Spirit, and Other Concerns – Part 2

How do we practically deal with an ongoing sin battle? Does God cause suffering or just allow it? And if He allows it, why?

These and other concerns are addressed in this new full-length message.


The Truth About Baptism

Does water baptism save us? If not, then why do it? What does it really mean?

And what about spiritual baptism? Do we receive the Spirit in two different installments as some claim?

I address all these questions and more in this message called “The Truth About Baptism.”


Benefits of the Resurrection

A better hope and a better covenant founded on better promises- all because of the death and resurrection of Christ!

The Armor of God

Here’s the simple truth about the armor of God and what it means to put it on.

Hotspots Part 16 – Are Christians Still Under the Moral Law?

Looking to God’s Spirit as our source is a greater, more glorious way than looking to anything written on stone. That’s the radical message I highlight in this full-length video message on 2 Corinthians 3.

Spirit, Body, and Soul

Is the soul in opposition to the spirit? Or does the soul work in tandem with our spirit? In this short video clip, I address these questions with the ultimate goal of having us remember that God loves us completely, through and through- spirit, soul, and body.

What Does It Mean To Be Indwelt?

In this short video, you’ll get a taste of my ability (or lack thereof!) to do impressions of famous people. You’ll also get my take on what it means to have Christ actually living within us right here and right now.

God Prays For You!

When we don’t have the words to express the pain we are feeling and we aren’t even aware of our deepest needs, God’s Spirit knows just how to pray for us!

The Truth About Paul’s Romans 7 Struggle

Here I challenge the idea that Romans 7 is about a believer’s “two spiritual natures” at war with each other. I show what’s really going on – a force called sin is taking over like a parasite, a foreign agent. I discuss why this happens and how we can believe differently to experience victory over sin’s power.

Are You Always In The Spirit?

In this short video, I address important questions about the Holy Spirit. As you find clarity about your spiritual location, you’ll also discover that your new understanding has an impact on your moment-by-moment walk with Jesus Christ.

Does God Need You?

In this short video, I discuss a simple truth that could revolutionize the way you see God. It all starts with realizing how He sees you!

God’s View of You: Spirit, Soul and Body

In this full length video, my good friend Tim Chalas and I discuss some of the important truths surrounding our new identity in Christ.

How Close Are You to God?

In this short video clip, find out how you can wake up every day and enjoy perfect closeness with Jesus all day long!

One Method or Two?

Here I present a simple concept that could revolutionize the way you wake up every day and live life!

Filled with The Spirit

What does “filled with the Spirit” really mean? Here’s my take!

Hotspots – Part 3

Agape love is both impossible and incredible. Yeah, you read that one right. Agape love is not just difficult. It’s utterly impossible apart from Jesus! Only Christ is agape love. That’s why He lives in us: so that He can live and love through us. In this message, you’ll learn how you can be both a receiver and a transmitter of God’s impossible and incredible love!

Relationship with the Holy Spirit

Ever wondered how the Holy Spirit relates to us on an everyday basis? Here I talk about the Holy Spirit, the fruit of the Spirit, and the gifts of the Spirit. Some of what I say may surprise you!

This is God’s Will

If you’ve been looking for God’s will in your life, here it is!

Shake: The Truth about the Holy Spirit

Can we get more of the Holy Spirit? What does be being filled with the Holy Spirit mean? What does it mean to grieve the Holy Spirit?

Jesus Christ, In Focus (Part 4)

This is the fourth message in Andrew’s series on Colossians titled “Jesus Christ, In Focus” (Colossians 3:12-21).

Jesus Christ, In Focus (Part 2)

This is the second message in Andrew’s series on Colossians titled “Jesus Christ, In Focus” (Colossians 2:1-23).

Jesus Christ, In Focus (Part 1)

This is the first message in Andrew’s series on Colossians titled “Jesus Christ, In Focus” (Colossians 1:1-29).