Alive with Christ: Discovering Our Spiritual Riches in Ephesians – Part 4

The mysteries of the Gospel were once hidden, but now they’re revealed! Join me as we uncover profound insights – including the deeper truth behind predestination and the true meaning of being filled with the Spirit – in Ephesians 3.

We’ll also explore Paul’s humble declaration of being “the very least of all saints.” What’s that all about? And we’ll discover why God goes beyond mere rearrangement of circumstances in our lives and how He’s doing something far more profound.

I encourage you to listen to this one. You’ll be amazed at the depth of the Gospel and the breadth of God’s love for you!

Discussion Questions for Ephesians 3:

  1. Read verses 1-7. Paul was given stewardship of a mystery that has now been revealed. What is it? How does this help us understand predestination better? What kind of reaction do you think Paul received from the Ephesians? And from his fellow Jews?
  2. Read verse 8. Why does Paul call himself “the very least of all saints”? How does this personally impact your view of God’s grace in your life?
  3. Read verses 9-10. This passage speaks of the manifold wisdom of God. Who makes it known? To whom is it made known?
  4. Read verses 11-12 and react to this statement: God’s eternal purpose in Christ was to give you boldness and confident access to Him forever!
  5. Read verses 14-19. What specifically is Paul praying for the Ephesians? With what goal in mind? How does this help us better understand what it means to “be filled with the Spirit” in Ephesians 5?
  6. Read verse 20. Is this about God rearranging circumstances for you or something deeper? How do you know?

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