Forever in His Presence – Part 6

Are you ready to dive deep where others merely wade? In this next message in our “Forever in His Presence” series, we’re slicing through the fog of misinformation and reclaiming the truth about Jesus – His divinity, His humanity, His everything!

In a culture that often prizes openness to the point of absurdity, we stand firm. Are you prepared to be labeled “close-minded”? Good. Because when it comes to the truth about Jesus, we believers are as immovable as mountains.

Plus, you’ll discover what it truly means to “live through Him.” It’s all about His scandalous love for us, not our feeble attempts at “loving Him more.” And when we love each other the way He loves us? That’s when God becomes visible.

Tune in to this latest message and arm yourself with truth!

Discussion Questions:

  1. Read verses 1-3. What is the “antichrist” teaching that John mentions? And why is the truth important in this regard?
  2. Read verses 4-6 and react to this statement: There is absolute truth about Jesus, and we can be “close minded” about it if we know Him.
  3. Read verses 7-8. What is the main mark of knowing God? Why is this the case?
  4. Read verse 9. What does it mean to “live through Him”?
  5. Read verse 10. Why is “not that we loved God” so important here? What does “propitiation” mean and how does it factor in?
  6. Read verses 11-12. How do we help people “see God”?
  7. Read verse 13. In what way does this help to clarify the meaning of “abide”? Can you know that you abide in Him? If so, how?
  8. Read verse 14. How do verses like this (and John 3:16) show the fallacy of “limited atonement” – the false idea that Jesus only died for individuals pre-selected by God?

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