Forever in His Presence – Part 7

A believer’s unbroken fellowship with God is at the core of our “Forever in His Presence” series. In this message, we explore the simplicity of salvation to see that it is heartfelt belief, not “magic words” or perfect behavior, that brings us into a saving relationship with God.

We also reflect on God’s incredible love for us, which sets us free from fear and gives us confidence for Judgment Day. Contrary to what the religious world might say, knowing the depths of His love also means we can stop trying to love Him more!

Furthermore, understanding that “we love because He first loved us” helps us see that loving God and loving others are naturally intertwined.

I encourage you to listen to this message and be inspired by the permanent presence of God’s love and grace in your life!

Discussion Questions:

  1. Read verse 15. How hard is it to be saved? What’s required exactly? Did you think this involves just saying some “magic words” or something more? If so, what?
  2. Read verse 16 and react to this statement: I believe the love which God has for me!
  3. Read verse 17. What are the two reasons we can be confident on Judgment Day?
  4. Read verse 18 and react to this statement: I will never be punished for any of my sins!
  5. Read verse 19. Explain why getting this divine order of things right is so important.
  6. Read 1 John 4:20-5:1. Why do loving God and loving others go hand in hand?
  7. Read verses 2-3 of chapter 5. What are His commandments? (Note: Consider 1 John 3:23 in your answer.) Also, why are His commandments “not burdensome”? And how are these any different from being under the Old Testament law?
  8. What does it mean that we now “overcome the world”?

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