Forever in His Presence – Part 8

I’m excited to invite you to our latest message in the “Forever in His Presence” series, where we dive into the rich themes of 1 John 5.

We explore what it means to overcome the world through our trust in Jesus and the powerful testimony we have within us when we believe in the Son of God. Discover why having the Son means having life, and how this challenges the notion of needing a “second blessing.”

We also clarify common misinterpretations of prayer and God’s will, and unpack the difference between “the sin leading to death” and “the sin not leading to death.” Learn what it means that no one born of God continues in sin, and how Christ’s finished work keeps us safe from the evil one.

Don’t miss this message packed with encouraging truths about your unbreakable fellowship with God!

Discussions Questions:

  1. Read verses 4-5. What does it mean for us to overcome the world? How does our faith in Christ offer us this victory?
  2. Read verses 6-8. What significance do you find in Jesus coming by water and blood? How does the Spirit’s testimony confirm this?
  3. Read verses 9-11. How does believing in the Son of God give us the testimony within ourselves? What is the testimony?
  4. Read verse 12. Can you have the life without the Son? What does this mean for the teaching of a “second blessing”?
  5. Read verse 13. What assurance do we have as believers in the Son of God? How can this knowledge affect our confidence?
  6. Read verses 14-15. How might this passage easily be misinterpreted? What does it really mean in context? (Hint: Use verse 16 to help you.)
  7. Read verses 16-17. What is the difference between “the sin leading to death” and “the sin not leading to death”? Why can’t we pray someone out of the sin leading to death?
  8. Read verse 18. What does it mean that no one who is born of God sins? How exactly does the finished work of Christ keep us safe from the evil one?
  9. Read verses 19-21. Discuss the contrast between being of God and the world lying in the power of the evil one. How does knowing the truth affect your perspective on the world’s belief systems?

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