Liberated: From Law to Love – Part 4

There were 430 years between the promise given to Abraham and the Law given to Moses. Why is this so important? And the Law was ordained by angels, but why is this such a big deal?

Find out in my latest message on Galatians 3 in our series called, “Liberated!” Here, I examine the main function of the Law and its relevance in the life of believers. And I unpack the concept of being “clothed with Christ,” which speaks to our closeness to Him and His indwelling presence within us.

Uncovering these powerful themes will deepen your understanding of the Gospel and its implications for your life. And it will inspire you to embrace the freedom and righteousness that are freely given to you.

Check it out to be encouraged in God’s grace!

Discussion Questions for Galatians 3:15-29:

  1. Read verses 15-18. What’s the main point about the (new) covenant promise and the Law? Why mention the number of years between them?
  2. Read verse 19. Why the Law? Ordained by whom? Until when?
  3. Read verse 20. How does this allude to the truth expounded upon in Hebrews 6:13-20?
  4. Read verse 21 carefully and react to this profound truth: We have an imparted-life type righteousness. It’s real!
  5. Read verses 22-25. What’s the main function of the Law? Does it play a role in the life of believers? Why or why not?
  6. Read verse 27. What does it mean to you to be “clothed with Christ”? How does this speak to your closeness to Him? (Hint: In your answer, don’t neglect His indwelling as well!)
  7. Read verse 28. How does this speak to unity? How does it also speak to an identity deeper than the roles we play in society?

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