News Flash! – Part 10

Of course, a person’s will only goes into effect when they have died! And that’s what Hebrews 9 emphasizes. Find out why in this important message on the true dividing line of human history.

You’ll also learn about God’s blood🩸economy for sins and why you can never be more forgiven than you already are. Plus, did you know Christ won’t even be mentioning your sins at the Final Judgment?

This message is packed with so much explosive truth. Don’t miss it!

Discussion Questions:

1. In verse 12, we see the phrases “once for all” and “eternal redemption.” What significance do these hold for the security of our salvation?

2. Answer the question posed in verse 14.

3. How are believers in the Old Testament actually forgiven (see verse 15)?

4. Why does the analogy of a will come up in verses 16-17?

5. How does verse 22 help us understand God’s blood economy? Connect the dots to argue for total forgiveness today.

6. Read verse 26 and react to this statement: Jesus isn’t in Heaven dying daily, so we’re not on Earth being forgiven daily.

7. What assurance does verse 28 bring you about the return of Christ?

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