News Flash! – Part 11

It’s over. Jesus will never do anything new about your sins, because… the cross worked!

This is the powerful message of Hebrews 10. And because you’re perfectly forgiven forever, you can live every day with a clean conscience.

Jesus has taken His seat at the right hand of God. He’s resting, because the sin issue is over. Isn’t it time you take a seat and relax with Jesus?

Find out how in this most important message!

Discussion Questions:

  1. Read verses 1-2. There will never be another sacrifice for your sins. What does this mean for you? How is this different from what Old Testament people experienced?
  2. Read verse 4. How does this showcase Christ’s finished work as greater?
  3. Read verses 6 and 8. Why do you think God takes no pleasure in sacrifices?
  4. Read verse 9. What are the “first” and the “second”? Why is this statement important?
  5. Read verse 10. What does this do to the erroneous teaching of “progressive sanctification” for the believer? How can we still account for the setting apart (sanctifying) of attitudes and actions over time?
  6. Read verses 11-12. What do standing and sitting represent here? What position are you in regarding your sins? Discuss.
  7. Read verse 14 and react to this statement: Your next sin is already forgiven.

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