The Great News of the Gospel – Part 16

Growing up, I only heard the Holy Spirit’s job was to “convict” me, so naturally I was a bit scared of Him. But now, I realize there’s a whole lot more to the Spirit than I first thought. He is always leading me, always convincing me of my new heart, and always good toward me.

Did you know the Holy Spirit is always leading you? Yes! You can count on Him to never stop counseling, guiding, helping, and leading. And His way with you is always healthy and good.

In this message on Romans 8, I share the truth about the Holy Spirit and I reveal why you can have genuine, heartfelt hope even when circumstances in your life don’t seem to be changing.

Be encouraged!

Discussion Questions for Romans 8:12-25:

  1. Read verses 12-14 as a group. Consider the words “live” and “die” and “led.” How do these words lend evidence to the idea that Paul is contrasting unbelievers and believers?
  2. Read verse 14. What does it mean to you to know you’re always being led by God’s Spirit?
  3. Read verse 15. How are “a spirit of slavery” and “a spirit of adoption” different?
  4. Read verse 16. What is the Holy Spirit testifying to? What can we expect from Him?
  5. Read verse 17. How does this play into the idea of judgment, rewards, mansions, inheritance, etc.?
  6. Read verses 18-22. What is the hope? How is it different from the promise of better circumstances right away?
  7. Read verse 23. What does it say we are groaning for? Do you experience this? If so, how?
  8. Read verses 24-25. What are examples of things we hope for that we do not see?

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