The Great News of the Gospel – Part 2

The truth is all around us! We see it in the mountains and in the stars. It’s evident in the animal kingdom and in our own bodies. We are not the product of random chance. We have a Creator!

While this is obvious, some still suppress the truth, making foolish speculations about our origins. As a result, they don’t recognize God or give thanks to Him.

Therefore, God gave them over… but not randomly one day because He was angry. No, humanity chose first to go rogue and live independent of Him. His response was to allow them the consequences of their choice.

Romans 1 showcases this reality and even presents a controversial passage about sexual sin. This heinous sin is listed right alongside “disobedient to parents” – which says a lot. All of us – young and old – show up on the Planet in need of the same solution. And realizing our dilemma then puts the focus on the power of God’s grace – right where it should be!

Enjoy this weighty message from Romans 1 and let us know what you think!

Discussion Questions for Romans 1:18-32:

  1. Read verse 18. What does “men who suppress the truth” mean? How do they suppress it?
  2. Read verses 19-20. How are God’s attributes evident through what has been made?
  3. Read verses 21-22. What are some of the futile, foolish speculations of people without God?
  4. What are the three things God gave people over to? What do these mean for our core problem?
  5. Read verses 26-27. What sin is defined here? What words and phrases help define it?
  6. Read verses 29-31. Heinous sins are listed alongside “disobedient to parents.” What does this say about “levels of sin”? What does it say about God’s grace?

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