The Great News of the Gospel – Part 3

Here’s the bad news: We’re all in the same boat! That’s the message of Romans 2 – we’re all equally doomed. And there’s no partiality with God. Whether it’s a Jew trying to keep the Law, or a Gentile trying to obey their conscience, there are exactly zero people on the planet who can meet God’s perfect standard.

Here’s the good news: Therefore, God intervened. And He did so through Jesus Christ. As a result, anybody and everybody can be made perfect before God – for free. It’s about receiving, not achieving.

This is where the book of Romans is headed. So, check out this important piece of the puzzle, as Romans 2 sets the stage for everything to come!

Discussion Questions on Romans 2:1-16:

  1. Have you ever found yourself judging another person when you’ve done the same thing? Discuss.
  2. React to this statement: The kindness of God leads you to repentance.
  3. Who has an unrepentant heart? Why is knowing the audience important here?
  4. How many “doers of the Law” are there who persevere in doing good and merit eternal life? Why is this key to understanding Romans 2?
  5. Why do you think Paul mentions that there’s no partiality with God?
  6. Why are the Gentiles also accountable to God if they weren’t given the Law?
  7. Take two minutes to summarize the point of this entire passage in one sentence. Then share your sentence with others.

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