The Great News of the Gospel – Part 20

So many Jews have rejected Jesus. But has God rejected them? Absolutely not! In fact, God has a beautiful plan to bring Jews and Gentiles together in Christ.

Imagine a tree that represents all that God is doing with humanity throughout the ages. Then imagine yourself getting to be a part of that tree, grafted in!

Well, you don’t have to imagine. It’s true! And in Romans 11, the Apostle Paul paints this vivid imagery for us.

Now, some have twisted this passage into being about loss of salvation. They say if you don’t keep up your end of the bargain, God will cut you off from His tree.

But that’s not exactly what’s happening in Romans 11. As you’ll learn, it’s all about Jews being cut off for their unbelief and any one of us (including Jews!) being grafted in for their belief.

In short, it’s about salvation, not loss of it! Check out the truth here and celebrate the freedom it brings!

Discussion Questions for Romans 11:

  1. Has God rejected Israel? How does verse 5 answer this?
  2. Read verses 7-10. How is this similar to Romans 1 in which God “gave them over”?
  3. Read verses 11-15. In your own words, explain the argument that Paul puts forth two times here.
  4. Read verses 17-24. Explain the tree and branches analogy. Who are the natural branches? The wild branches? Why is a branch cut off? Why is a branch grafted in?
  5. Why is this tree analogy not about loss of salvation? How does understanding the tree as the history of God with people helpful?

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