The Great News of the Gospel – Part 24

The human body. A symphony. A flourishing garden. All three of these images offer us insight into how the church is designed to function. Find out why in this unifying and encouraging message on Romans 15.

Here you’ll learn that you’re “full of goodness” (yes, it’s okay to say that in church!) and that Christ wants to live through you. As a result, you’ll end up bragging on Jesus and all that He’s doing.

These insights and more come to us through the Apostle Paul – an architect, pioneer, and trailblazer. And in this chapter, Paul gives further help solving an important puzzle, as he offers more clues about the true meaning of predestination.

Discussion Questions for Romans 15:

  1. Read verses 1-3. How do the analogies of the body’s organs and Lego construction help us understand this portion of the chapter?
  2. Read verse 4. What was “written in earlier times”? How is it encouragement?
  3. Read verses 5-6. How does the idea of a symphony capture the essence of what Paul is saying here? What is the “song” we play together?
  4. Read verse 7 and react to Andrew’s statement: God is not in love with a future, better version of you!
  5. Read verses 8-12. Given what we saw in chapters 9-11 of Romans, how do these verses further confirm the true message about predestination in Romans?
  6. How might verse 13 cause you to picture a flourishing garden?
  7. Read verses 14-16 and react to this statement: We are “full of goodness”, and we simply need bold reminders of it!
  8. Read verses 17-18. What is Paul bragging about? Can you think of something Christ has accomplished through you? (Consider your story, your struggles, your life, your relationships, etc.). Share anything you feel comfortable sharing.
  9. Read verses 19-21. Trailblazer. Pioneer. Architect. Evangelist. How do these words capture the essence of who Paul is? How might this excite you about the opportunity to share the message of God’s grace with a hurting world?

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