The Great News of the Gospel – Part 4

The Law only breeds two things – defeat if you’re honest and hypocrisy if you’re not.

In this tongue-in-cheek passage, Paul is calling all hypocrites to the carpet. Paul even goes as far to say that obedient Gentiles could rightfully judge disobedient Jews. Ouch. I’m sure that one ruffled some feathers!

But Paul is simply trying to show that obedience to the Law is what really matters, and no one is able to be obedient to it.

Once we’ve seen our inability, we can see Christ’s ability. Once we see our failure, we can see Christ’s success on Calvary. This is where Paul is leading us.

So, buckle up for this blistering rebuke of hypocrites and the beautiful revelation that everything we need with God must be absolutely free!

Discussion Questions for Romans 2:17-29:

  1. Read verses 17-20. How are these verses written with “tongue in cheek”?
  2. Read verses 21-23. What are the five ways Paul calls out so-called Law keepers for hypocrisy?
  3. Read verse 24. Do unbelievers still look at religious people as hypocritical today? Give examples.
  4. Read verses 25-27. Who actually “practices” or “keeps” the Law? So, why is Paul saying what he says in these two verses?
  5. Read verses 28-29. How does this speak to our identity? What is the circumcision of the heart? What does this mean for your spiritual desires?

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