The Great News of the Gospel – Part 9

God’s not mad at you! In fact, He’s delighted with you, and you enjoy perfect peace with Him. This is the beautiful, inspiring message of Romans 5.

And everything that Adam ruined, Jesus fixed and made so much better. You now have an abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. What more could you ever want?

God has set you up to enjoy Him even when times are hard. Find out how in this encouraging look at Romans 5.

Discussion Questions for Romans 5:1-17:

  1. What does it mean to you to be standing in grace?
  2. What is our steady hope in the middle of tribulation?
  3. Read verse 9 and react to this statement: God is never angry with me.
  4. Read verse 10. What does Jesus’ death do for us? What does Jesus’ resurrection do for us? How exactly?
  5. How do verses 13-14 address those who falsely claim there’s no sinning when there is no Law? (Note: These same deceivers say Christians no longer sin.)
  6. Read verse 14. How is Adam a “type of Him who was to come”? (Hint: Think in terms of spiritual “prototypes” or family lines.)
  7. Read verses 15-17. How are Adam and Jesus compared? Who wins and why?
  8. How are “the abundance of grace” and “the gift of righteousness” the perfect combo?

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