The New and Better Way

Did you know we Christians are only qualified to share one spiritual message about having relationship with God? And it’s not the message of self-improvement. It’s the new covenant message of God’s grace!

That’s right, the new covenant is all we are qualified to share with others. And when we focus on the new covenant, it leads to all kinds of confidence and boldness. This is exactly what Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 3.

We just started a new year. As new creations, isn’t it time we focus on the new covenant? When we do, the “veil” of the Law is taken away and we find real freedom in Jesus!

Find out more in this foundational message that will help you start the new year off right!

Discussion Questions:

  1. Read verses 1-3. How do people serve as “letters of recommendation”?
  2. Read verses 4-6. What specific message are we believers adequate and confident to share?
  3. Read verses 7-11. Here, Paul compares the Ten Commandments (on stone) with the Gospel message we enjoy today. What expressions does Paul use to compare them? (Hint: Look for keywords such as the four uses of “ministry” and the ten uses of “glory.”) What should we conclude?
  4. Read verses 12-13. Paul says we can “use great boldness in our speech” about the new covenant. How can this boldness be misinterpreted by others? Is there anything we can do about being misinterpreted? Discuss.
  5. Read verses 14-16. Who has the veil over their eyes and hearts? What specifically does the “veil” blind them from? How is the veil lifted?
  6. Read verse 17. What atmosphere can we expect from the Holy Spirit? How will this atmosphere be manifested in our personal lives? Relationships? Church congregations?
  7. Read verse 18. Why does Paul say “beholding as in a mirror”? If you’re already a new creation, then what exactly is being transformed within you? (See also Romans 12:2 as a cross-reference.)

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