The Gift of Jesus

This Christmas season – even amidst the stresses and difficulties we face – we have more to celebrate than baby Jesus in a manger. We believers have the light and life of Jesus in our hearts!

But we have the treasure of Jesus in earthen vessels, and people don’t always see the One we contain. So, how does the resurrection life of Jesus get revealed in us?

In this unique Christmas message, you’ll learn why bad things happen to good people and what God is doing in the middle of it all. You’ll be invited to view pain in a new and different way – against the backdrop of all that God is renewing in you.

Someday, the troubles we’re going through now will be expressed in no more than a single sentence in comparison with the glory revealed in us. But even now, we see glimpses of that glory as we fix our eyes on the invisible gift of God – the gift of Jesus Christ Himself given to us.

Check out this unusual Christmas message to learn why Christmas is about more than a manger!

Discussion Questions:

  1. Read verse 4. How does this shed light on the false idea that God is blinding some people to the Gospel?
  2. Read verse 5. How does legalism “preach ourselves” instead of preaching Christ?
  3. Read verses 7-12. Notice the “we/us” and then the “you”? Why is this important? Is Paul talking about some sort of “dying to self”? Or is he referring to the physical persecution of the apostles? How can we know?
  4. Read verse 15. Reflect on how it might be a beautiful theme verse for The Grace Church and for the message that we hold dear.
  5. Read verse 16. How are we being renewed day by day?
  6. Read verse 17. What perspective caused Paul to say the afflictions were “momentary” and “light”?
  7. Read verse 18. What “unseen” things do you fix your eyes on? Give examples.

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