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My family is in a dispute about medical issues. What should I do? I suffer from depression, and I’ve heard that God won’t allow us to experience more than we can handle. Is that true?

Tags: depression, dispute, family, medical, suffering

How can I hear God’s voice? My wife passed away, and I wonder if she still remembers me in Heaven? I’ve struggled in the past with thoughts of violence. Am I forgiven for those? Do some groups believe Jesus is the archangel Michael? Are they saved? Who are the 144,000 spoken of in the Book of Revelation? I believe a guardian angel rescued me on the highway!

Tags: archangel, forgiveness, God’s voice, guardian angels, Heaven, Jehovah’s Witnesses, memories, Michael, salvation, Seventh-Day Adventist, violence

How can I communicate the Gospel to my father who is a lapsed Catholic? Why aren’t more Christians out in the streets evangelizing? What is the “balance” between loving your life and hating your life (John 12:25)?

Tags: balance, Catholic, evangelism, hate your life, John 12:25, love your life, street witnessing

Is it biblical for preachers to earn a living from the Gospel? What do the farm and military analogies mean in 2 Timothy 2? Is Hebrew 6 telling us we can lose our salvation? Was Peter the first pope? What are your thoughts on the Catholic Church?

Tags: 1 Corinthians 9:14, 2 Timothy 2:4-7, Catholicism, Hebrews 6, Peter, pope, salvation, security

What are your thoughts on God’s discipline? Should you disown your child if you disagree with them? How can I know when to give more financial help to someone and when not to? Will Adam and Eve be in Heaven?

Tags: Adam and Eve, children, discipline, financial help, Heaven, Hebrews 12

Do we have to use the Law in evangelism? Is the story of Lazarus and the rich man a parable or an actual event? What is the role of guilt in our lives? Can demons really tempt us?

Tags: demons, evangelism, guilt, Law, Lazarus, parable, rich man, temptation

What should we know about the Book of Life? Is baptism a requirement for salvation? What is the total depravity of humanity? What is the best way to approach evangelism?

Tags: baptism, book of life, evangelism, salvation, total depravity

Do we need to ask for forgiveness? Are we sinners, saints, or both? Do you have to be baptized to participate in the Lord’s Supper? I think I have calculated the mark of the beast. Who were the Nephilim? What’s the context of 2 Timothy 2? Where was Joseph during the crucifixion? Are unbelievers under judgment?

Tags: 2 Timothy 2, forgiveness, Joseph, judgment, Lord’s Supper, mark of the beast, Nephilim, saints, sinners

Are we simultaneously saints and sinners? What do you think about the idea of preaching the Gospel to ourselves? What about diving deeper into the Gospel? What do you think about John Calvin’s “third use” of the Law? I feel bad for praying when I’m not sure the prayer will be answered. What should I do?

Tags: Gospel, Law, prayer, preaching, saints, sinners, third use

What are the benefits of being saved now versus waiting until the end of your life? What are the effects of being saved in your daily life? Why do people fight so hard for the 10 Commandments in the life of a Christian? Can you talk about the significance of blood for our forgiveness?

Tags: benefits, blood, daily life, effects, forgiveness, Hebrews 9:22, saved, Ten Commandments

Why is there hostility toward the message of the grace of God? Why did Paul write that Peter “stood condemned”? My wife has been divorced and is now remarried to me. Are we living in adultery?

Tags: adultery, condemned, divorced, Galatians 2, grace, hostility, message, Peter, remarriage, wife

How do we communicate the grace of God to others? What is your view of the rapture? What is God’s will?

Tags: communicate, grace, rapture

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