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What is the new covenant? My son was addicted to opioids and passed away. Thank you for the assurance your ministry has given me about him. What are your thoughts on water baptism, immersion and sprinkling?

I’m struggling with wanting to make a purchase but wanting to be careful. How are the New Testament directives any different from the Law? Why do you teach that we don’t really have “free will” when obviously we make decisions every day?

Can we lose our faith when we sin? Does Jesus know when He is coming back? What is the narrow gate that leads to life? What is the wide gate that leads to destruction? How do I reconcile contradictions in Jesus’ teachings? What is the meaning of 1 Corinthians 10:12?

How does God’s promise to Himself secure our salvation? Is the idea of in-and-out-of-fellowship double talk? It gets hard when you’re praying for stuff and nothing seems to be changing. What are your thoughts? Are we to keep the greatest commandment in the Law? What’s the difference between the soul and the spirit?

Where can I send people for follow-up to learn more about God’s grace? Are all sins forgiven? Are there any exceptions? How does the new heart play into sexuality? What is the “abomination of desolation”? What time period is Matthew 24 talking about?

Why does James bring up God’s will about tomorrow if we don’t have to find and stay in God’s will? Was Pentecost a salvation event or something else? Is there a second blessing or second baptism after salvation? What did Jesus mean by a “narrow gate” that leads to eternal life? My Sunday school teacher says we believers are not under the Ten Commandments. Is he right?

How do you deal with people who take your words out of context? What is the “good confession” in 1 Timothy 6:12-13? Did Jesus go to Hell for three days or not?

Are Christians only forgiven if we forgive others first? How should we view the Sermon on the Mount now that we are under grace? I am addicted to pornography, and I feel like I’m a lazy person. How can I find victory?

Do unbelievers have a spirit too? What part of us died with Christ? What does the Bible say about donating one’s body to science? Are Gentiles under the new covenant? My wife tells me she doesn’t believe in God anymore. I’ve been praying for her, but I don’t know what else to do?

How can finding the will of God and trying to stay in it be a works-righteousness? Is God judging the world right now? Is it possible to be under physical attack by Satan? What are your thoughts on my husband stealing money from me and the children? I’m having trouble with my daughter who doesn’t believe cursing is bad and wants a tattoo. Am I being too strict? Do the Apocrypha or Didache have any importance to us? Do Christians need to “continue” in order to stay saved? How can we share the assurance of salvation with friends?

Am I beyond repentance? Why do I no longer feel the presence of the Holy Spirit? Does James 5:9 mean believers are judged by God for their sins?

Does God need to “break” us in order to use us? How do we help those who are grieving? Do believers need to tithe 10%? How did those described in Matthew 7 do miracles if they weren’t true believers? How can we be held accountable for not believing if only some people are chosen anyway?

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