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If you’re like many who follow our ministry, you’re a Christian who is convinced that there’s more to the Christian life than what the majority are experiencing. Still, it’s hard to find good, solid Scriptural help when it comes to living free in Christ and enjoying your relationship with God.

In fact, we find that some Christian teaching actually gets in the way of our enjoyment of God. There is so much “Do more! Be more!” teaching out there that we just end up feeling dirty and distant inside.

Andrew Farley

Can you relate?

This reader wrote us an email not too long ago, sharing her frustration in trying to find the straightforward good news of the Gospel:

My family and I have been searching for grace-based teaching for a long time. It seems like it is hard to find anyone consistently talking about Jesus and the cross and the resurrection. There are so many behavior improvement programs out there and principles for self-betterment, all in the name of Church. We are so glad we found your website and podcast. Thank you for the way that you teach the truth about God’s grace so clearly and consistently.

If you can relate to her words, then you’re in the right place. Our goal here is to consistently offer simple, straightforward, and accurate help for any Christian looking to sink their teeth into the depths of God’s grace. So, if you’re looking to overcome fear, work through your battle against worry, or simply gain a greater grasp of the Scriptures, we’re excited you found our site.

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