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“A few years ago I read The Naked Gospel, and it really helped me get away from the legalistic thought processes that I had been under for years. I shared the message with my husband, and we were both so free from guilt and condemnation that we had allowed to be put on ourselves. We have since shared this information in Bible study groups and with friends. It is also being relayed to prisoners, and they are being set free. We thank the Lord for this Good News, and we thank you, Andrew, for sharing.”

“After many years always focused on sin, I now focus on God’s love and I now live life, not perfect, but content with who I am in Christ. Thank you.”

“I cannot thank you enough for your teachings as they have transformed my life. I listen to your teachings from your archives every day, and each time, my mind is renewed. I have gained a lot of confidence in my understanding of the New Covenant. The truth of the Gospel has set me free!”

“Andrew, your ministry has changed my life. From my growing up years, I was mixing law and grace, and was wrestling in my mind with a performance theology. Anxiety and fear were bombarding me. I was beating myself up over sins I committed. Then I stumbled across your YouTube videos, which I believe the Lord led me to, and ta-da! Here I am resting in Jesus. Thanks for everything, brother!”

“God has used The Grace Message to teach me the true gospel of His Son Jesus Christ and His finished work on my behalf. Thank you, Andrew!”

“I was born again in 1982, and not knowing any better, began going to a very legalistic church. I attended there for only several years but the mixing of legalism with grace had already done its damage and robbed me of much of the joy and peace I had initially found in Jesus. A couple of years ago, I discovered The Grace Message, and the light bulb went on and I fully regained the joy and peace I had when I first believed. There was a two week period as all of this was sinking in that I felt completely enveloped by God’s love. To say the least, I am very grateful for Andrew’s ministry.”

“For years I walked around with a heavy burden of guilt, shame, and condemnation. I tried so hard to do all the things they said I had to do to live the victorious Christian life, but it was never enough. Your ministry has helped me to understand that it’s not about me and what I’ve done or am doing. It’s all about Jesus and what He has done and is doing in and through me. With my focus in the right place, I feel like I am finally walking in freedom and victory. I literally wake up every day now and say, ‘Wow,’ and, ‘Thank you!'”

“The Grace Message has changed my life. I have been a believer for 30 years and finally have seen the fruit of the Spirit being produced in my life without effort. I thank God every day that the gospel has set me free from religion that I didn’t think I was in bondage to. Thank you, Andrew Farley, for the good news.”

“Greetings from Germany! The teachings of Andrew Farley have simply turned my life around. It is from his teachings I got to fully realize that grace is not just a doctrine among doctrines in the Bible, it is simply the whole Christian life itself. This revelation of God’s boundless love for me has ignited a fresh passion in me for Jesus and made it so easy for me to express truly unconditional love to other people. God bless Andrew Farley Ministries abundantly!”

“God has used your ministry to help me overcome fear and worry through a proper understanding of His Word.”

“I first heard Andrew Farley’s message on law versus grace about the time the scales of religion were coming off my blinded eyes. I had been living in guilt and condemnation. Andrew’s was the very first message I heard and then my eyes were opened by the Lord. Thank you, Andrew Farley, for having such a powerful impact in my life through your teaching!”

“Who knew Andrew would be such a fresh drink of living water. My spirit leaps in confirmation of this truth!”

“The Grace Message has opened our eyes to the truth and set us free from some very religious ways of thinking. We are more encouraged than words can express each time we hear a message. Finally, we truly understand God’s love for us.”

“‪Andrew Farley, you have spoken through the guilt and judgment of history and let the true teachings of Christ shine through. Because of you, I know my worth, my value, and the strength I have with Jesus in me, seeing it all through the eyes of God. I am so glad He has used you for good.”

“I watched your presentation of The Naked Gospel and for the first time I really understood the gospel. Since then, I have devoured your books, videos, and radio programs. The Grace Message is one of the most important things in my life.”

“Andrew’s book, The Naked Gospel, was the first to turn my religious world upside down, and I’m sooo thankful for Andrew being brave enough to share the true gospel. He is most definitely one of my favorite mentors!”

“Words cannot express the impact that Andrew and his ministry have had on my life. Relaxing with God is the most impactful book I’ve ever read, with the exception of the Bible, of course. Simply stated, God has used Andrew to open my eyes to the truth of what God is so clearly telling us in His Word – that He loves us, that He isn’t angry, disappointed, or fed up with us. Thank you, Andrew!”

“The Grace Message is always encouraging and liberating. How I wish that every church in America could grab these truths. So thank you and keep them coming!”

“God has set me free. I was saved at 19 and had been circling the mountain for 39+ years. I knew I was saved back then, but I didn’t hear the full truth about God’s grace until recently. A light has come on. I’m free from continually trying to kill “my old self.” There is so much more to tell, but this is a start. I thank God for you and the revelation I’ve received concerning His grace through your ministry.”

“The Grace Message strips away all the religious laws, rules, and regulations that have been infused into a believer’s life, replacing them with the true gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The most remarkable takeaway from Andrew Farley’s teaching is how he reads through, chapter and verse, teaching the Bible contextually. Thank you for teaching Christ and His finished work. Bless you, for you are a blessing to many. Andrew, you are the kind of teacher that others may follow, as you follow Christ.”

“I was very sad about my Christian life, always questioning. I felt that I could never meet God’s standards and rules. Every time I failed, I saw myself as disqualified. A few weeks ago, I saw Andrew post on Facebook, and I started listening to his teachings. My sadness started to disappear little by little. Now, I see things differently and reading the Bible is no longer a painful journey. Now, I’m intrigued to know what I’m going to learn every day. Thank you, Andrew Farley, for helping me!”

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