God’s Greatest Gift

Let’s do more than celebrate the birth of Jesus!

This holiday season, let’s rightly understand that the death and resurrection of Christ are two of God’s greatest gifts to us. After all, it is these events that enable us to have the ultimate gift of all- the life of Christ dwelling in us!

Hotspots – Part 6

If you’ve ever wondered about eternal security (once saved, always saved), this video is for you. In this full-length message, you’ll be introduced to some radical, Scriptural truths that will change the way you look at your salvation and your relationship with God. (Hebrews 7:22-25)

Hotspots – Part 4

Does it ever seem unfair that someone else’s disobedience messed up everything? Yeah, the idea that Adam’s sin ruined the world can seem unfair. Well, God’s grace is unfair too. It’s so unbelievably unfair that we get to become righteous because of Someone else’s obedience! Find out how we personally can benefit from a Grace that is so beautifully unfair!

Hotspots – Part 2

Here’s 3 ways God is a big show off: He made us alive. He raised us up. He seated us in heaven. And He did all this to simply show off His grace toward us! In this 34-minute message, find out what God’s showing off means for you!

Why Won’t You?

Here I defend the gospel of grace and explain why I won’t add these disturbing doctrines to my teaching!

Questions about Freedom (Part 4)

Is there an impending judgement from God on the U.S.A.? What are your views on the legalization of same sex marriage? Can you lose your salvation? Do we have to be baptized to be saved? These questions and more are addressed in the fourth part of Andrew’s series “Questions about Freedom.”

Questions about Freedom (Part 2)

How are people in the Old Testament saved? Did Jesus teach the Law or grace? Do believers need to tithe? If we are no longer under the Law, what commands do we follow? How can sin dwell in me if God dwells in me? These questions and more are addressed in the second part of Andrew’s series “Questions about Freedom.”

Is That Really In The Bible? (Part 2)

Shouldn’t Christians still consult the Old Covenant as a benchmark for how we’re living? Doesn’t it still have a use for Christians? Just because Jesus is our high priest now, does that really mean that the Old Covenant has been entirely swapped for a superior one? You believe in once-saved-always-saved, right? And you say our behavior is not even in the equation of maintaining our salvation. Where does it say that it’s all because of Him? These questions and more are addressed in the second message in Andrew’s series titled “Is That Really In the Bible?”