101 Bible Questions – Part 4

This message in my “101 Bible Questions” series tackles judgment, rewards, and crowns – topics that might leave you feeling fearful and uncertain of what to expect in the future.

Understanding your total forgiveness is key to comprehending the final judgment. And as we explore what will actually happen on the Day of Judgment, you’ll be captivated by the clarity and certainty that Scripture provides.

You’ll also hear me challenge some common misconceptions Christians have about rewards and crowns, including whether they’re based on our works, length of service, or something else.

This message sheds light on why you can approach the Day of Judgment with confidence. I encourage you to check this one out – it contains powerful and important truth that will revolutionize the way you see God’s judgment.

Discussion Questions for “101 Bible Questions” – Fear, Judgment, and Reward:

  1. Why is our total forgiveness so important to understanding the final judgment?
  2. In your own words, describe what will actually happen to you on the Day of Judgment.
  3. What does the truth about the final judgment make you feel?
  4. React to this statement: The bema seat is a great, white throne. It’s all one judgment!
  5. How does the phrase “reward of the inheritance” help us understand our reward better?
  6. What happened in the Parable of the Vineyard Workers? How does that factor in?
  7. What are the three crowns mentioned? What do they represent? How do the 24 elders drive this point home?

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