News Flash! – Part 13

Should we take literally the Old Testament account of God creating the world and Noah’s family surviving a flood? What about people in remote places who’ve never heard the Gospel – how can they be saved? How many people will be in Heaven – a lot or only a tiny percentage of the Earth’s population?

Hebrews 11 answers these questions and so much more – such as the important role of faith and why we have something better today than any Old Testament person experienced.

In this message, I address this important passage and all of these issues, hopping from one to the next at a fun pace. It will prove to be both informative and reassuring as your confidence in God’s grace grows even more.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What “invisible” truths do you have faith in?
  2. How does verse 3 speak to the beginning of the universe?
  3. In what way does verse 6 help us with the question of those in remote parts of the world?
  4. How does verse 7 affirm the veracity of the Old Testament?
  5. According to verse 12, how many should we expect in Heaven?
  6. How did Isaac serve as a “type”?
  7. The phrase “by faith” appears fifteen times in this chapter. Why do you think faith is so important to God?
  8. Verses 13 and 39 both say Old Testament people didn’t receive what we have today. What spiritually do you have that is better? Can you think of a few things?

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