Full Messages

the Spirit of Truth

Who is the Holy Spirit? How do I relate to Him? What is He doing?

The Father’s Face

In this special Father’s Day message, I share about how good and loving our Heavenly Father is!

Jesus Is…

Who is Jesus? And how does our relationship with Jesus change the way we live and see ourselves?

Truth Infusion

What thoughts overwhelm you? Discover hope in this message “Truth Infusion”!

What Are You Saying?

In Matthew 5, doesn’t Jesus say that not a jot nor a tittle of the Law will pass away? Aren’t you saying something different than Jesus? Aren’t believers freed from some of the Law but not all of it, right? Doesn’t Romans 3:31 say that we “uphold” or “establish” the Law while under grace? These questions and more are addressed in this message, “What Are You Saying?”

Say It Backwards!

Have you noticed that some people freak out about God’s grace? Is there a way that we can communicate the truth better?

Resurrection Means…

What does the resurrection mean for you personally? In this Easter message, discover all that the resurrection of Jesus Christ means for you!

Inspire: The Power of Your New Identity

We’ve already seen that the forgiveness and grace of God are so inspiring to us. And they’re only dangerous… for the enemy!
In this third installment of the series “INSPIRE”, we take a look at how knowing our new identity in Christ inspires upright, godly living.

Inspire: The Power of God’s Forgiveness

Discover why God’s total forgiveness of us is not dangerous but inspiring!

Depraved and Saved

The true meaning of Romans 8

You Are…

“You are abiding in Christ. You are resting in Christ. You are led by the Spirit. It’s not a work; it’s a fact.”

The Lord Is…

The Lord is our helper, counselor, strength, source, life and… everything! Discover what God is up to and what He is doing in our lives!

What’s the Deal?

What does it mean to pray in the Spirit? What’s the deal with prophecy? What’s the difference between spirit and Spirit? These questions and more are addressed in this new message “What’s the Deal?”

A New Look at the Old (Psalm 51)

This message offers a unique look at Psalm 51 from a new covenant perspective. We hope this helps you more fully celebrate all that we have on this side of the cross!

Jesus plus nothing – Part 3

In this final installment (part 3) of “Jesus plus nothing!” I unpack powerful truths from Colossians 3 such as the following:

  • Worldly identity vs. identity in Christ
  • Putting on attitudes (like clothing!)
  • Forgiving others who hurt you deeply
  • Letting the peace of Christ rule in you

I hope this is an encouragement to you!