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Celebrate the New! – Part 3

What makes you so different from your next door neighbor? What exactly changed at your new birth in Christ? And if you’re so new, why do you still struggle with sin?

Find solid answers to these important questions and learn to celebrate your new identity like never before in this powerful, Scriptural message!

Celebrate the New! – Part 2

What does the new covenant mean for us in terms of our forgiveness? And how is our forgiveness different from what Old Testament people experienced under the Law?

In this full-length message, we celebrate the “once for all” forgiveness we now enjoy in Christ Jesus. With the new year beginning, it’s a perfect time to celebrate all that the new covenant means for us!


Celebrate the New

What makes the new covenant of God’s grace so different from the old covenant? What specific effect can the new way of grace have in our lives?

Some have said this is the most important message that I share. So enjoy this celebration of the new covenant (39 min) as we start the new year together!

God’s Greatest Gift

Let’s do more than celebrate the birth of Jesus!

This holiday season, let’s rightly understand that the death and resurrection of Christ are two of God’s greatest gifts to us. After all, it is these events that enable us to have the ultimate gift of all- the life of Christ dwelling in us!

Jesus! – Part 6

Jesus was born as a baby. He grew up. He learned. He was tempted in every way. He then acted as our sympathetic high priest who is able to deal with our everyday weaknesses.

In this full-length message, I discuss the humanity and the humility of Jesus. And why it all matters for you!

Jesus! – Part 5

Why was it so important for Jesus to be fully human? How do the water and the blood testify to His humanity? And how does all of this tie into the true identity of the “antichrist”?

The answer may surprise you in “JESUS: His Humanity and Our Eternity!”


Jesus! – Part 4

Jesus prayed this radical prayer for you, and it was answered!

Check it out in this week’s powerful addition to our series “JESUS!” Also, get my take on the popular idea of “progressive sanctification.”

Jesus! – Part 3

In this holiday series, Andrew presents some of the most powerful passages from the Gospel of John to highlight the person and work of Jesus Christ.

JESUS! – Part 2

Is Jesus the only way to God? How do we experience the love of God when our circumstances or feelings don’t seem to line up with the truth of His love? 

Find out in this latest message in the series called “JESUS!”

JESUS! – Part 1

In this holiday series, Andrew presents some of the most powerful passages from the Gospel of John to highlight the person and work of Jesus Christ. This first message in the series is based on the first chapter of John.

The Importance of Grace – Part 8

How central is the identity-in-Christ message? Is it just a trendy focus or the very core of the Gospel? How do we walk by the Spirit and what does that even look like?

Find out in this latest full-length message on “The Importance of Grace”!

The Importance of Grace – Part 7

In this powerful and controversial passage, the Apostle Paul pushes believers to choose between legalism and love. What will you choose today?

Enjoy this full-length message on the importance of Grace!

The Importance of Grace – Part 6

When did the New Testament era really begin? How does this radical shift in our perspective impact our reading of the Bible? And how do we avoid distraction and stay focused on God’s grace?

These questions and more are addressed in this full-length teaching on “The Importance of Grace.” Enjoy!

The Importance of Grace – Part 5

In this full-length message on “The Importance of Grace”, I address some really big questions including:

  • Do the Law and faith conflict with each other? Why or why not?
  • Why did God even bother bringing in the Law?
  • Why does the Bible tell us that Jesus was “born under the Law”?
  • What impact can this have on how we view the Old and New Testaments?

If you’re looking for a deeper understanding of Law and Grace, you won’t want to miss this one!

The Importance of Grace – Part 4

Part 4 in this series on Galatians. Is Grace just a special emphasis or trendy topic these days?

The Importance of Grace – Part 3

There’s just one method, not two. We continue in the Christian life just as we started- with Jesus plus nothing. Find out more in this powerful and provocative message on the sufficiency of God’s grace.

The Importance of Grace – Part 2

Grace is controversial, often resulting in debates and arguments- even among apostles! In this message, I talk about why grace is so important and so controversial!

The Importance of Grace – Part 1

Part 1 in this series on Galatians. Is Grace just a special emphasis or trendy topic these days?

The Truth About The Cross

Did Jesus need to die? Was a perfect sacrifice needed? Was it a payment? Was it a ransom? Was it a rescue?

The Truth About Fear and Trembling

Should we fear God? What does “fear and trembling” really mean? Can we have “anything” if we simply ask in Jesus’ name? Which is actually easier for Christians- to sin or to live uprightly?

I address these questions and more in this full-length message.

The Armor of God

Here’s the simple truth about the armor of God and what it means to put it on.

Grace and Discipline

How does discipline fit with the grace of God?

The Truth About Health and Wealth

Ever noticed that those who say guaranteed health and wealth are part of the finished work of Christ also claim that you need to “sow seed” to activate it? In this message, Andrew shares the truth about health and wealth.

The Truth About The New Creation

The new creation does not need to be broken, torn down, or killed off.

The Core Problem

Racism. Terrorism. Hate. In this full-length message, I address the core problem in the world today and God’s solution for each of us.

The Truth About Your Heart

Some Christians think it’s humble and “godly” to say we have wicked hearts. But didn’t God do something pretty significant to our hearts at salvation? In this full-length message, I share the truth about your heart!

The Benefits of Freedom

Here’s what we’re seeing in the lives of people as they grab hold of God’s grace.

Hot Spots – Part 17: I’m NOT Saying That!

Andrew addresses common misconceptions about the new covenant message- namely, the role of the Law, the pre-Cross teachings of Jesus, “once for all” forgiveness, and the dynamics of the spiritual conflict for the believer.

Hotspots Part 16 – Are Christians Still Under the Moral Law?

Looking to God’s Spirit as our source is a greater, more glorious way than looking to anything written on stone. That’s the radical message I highlight in this full-length video message on 2 Corinthians 3.