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Suffering, the Spirit, and Other Concerns – Part 3

What are your thoughts on us being “more wicked than we’ll ever know”?
Why does the truth sometimes seem too good to be true? What are people preaching if not the new covenant?

These questions and more are addressed in this full-length message. Enjoy!

Suffering, the Spirit, and Other Concerns – Part 2

How do we practically deal with an ongoing sin battle? Does God cause suffering or just allow it? And if He allows it, why?

These and other concerns are addressed in this new full-length message.



We hear so much religious jargon in Christian circles today. Yet some of these popular terms and expressions are so misleading, as they do not represent the grace of God.

In this video message, I confront some of the popular religious terminology in use these days and then highlight the truth that always sets us free.

Many have shared with me that getting these concepts straight has been so liberating to them. So if you have just 30 minutes, this is one you don’t want to miss!

The Truth About the Will of God

Ever wondered what God’s will for your life is? Well, here it is!


Paul wrote that without the resurrection, our faith is pitiful and worthless. But why is the resurrection so important?

In this full-length message, I discuss why the resurrection was and is essential to our Christian faith and what it means for us personally.


The Truth About The Lord’s Supper

The lights dim. The sad music plays. And everyone begins to examine themselves before communion so that they might get cleansed and qualify.

Is this what God intended for us to do?

In this full length message, I discuss the truth about the Lord’s Supper.


The Truth About Baptism

Does water baptism save us? If not, then why do it? What does it really mean?

And what about spiritual baptism? Do we receive the Spirit in two different installments as some claim?

I address all these questions and more in this message called “The Truth About Baptism.”


It Is Finished!

On the cross, Jesus said, “it is finished.”

But what was He referring to? What exactly was finished? And what implications does this have for us today?

In this full-length message, I suggest 4 different ways that “it is finished” can change the way we view ourselves and the way we relate to our God.


What Saves?

How does a person get right and then stay right with God?

In this full-length message, I discuss Jesus as the doorway to relationship with God.

God’s way of grace turns everything upside down on us and we confront a radical path to Him that is both counterintuitive and incredible.

This is a great one to pass along to friends. Enjoy!

The Truth About Judgment and Reward

When teaching about judgment and reward is not clear, many Christians are left fearful of what might occur in the future when Christ returns.

In this full-length message, I share the liberating truth about judgment and reward.


Will the Real Christianity Please Step Forward?

Recently, I posted a short video on FaceBook about resting in Christ and the fact that Jesus said his yoke is easy and his burden is light.

A young woman named Morgan then commented that nothing about the Christianity that she knew seemed easy or light: What about rules against premarital sex? Don’t I have to be Republican? And don’t I need to throw away all my video games and my Harry Potter books?

Morgan asked a series of important questions that are reflective of what many people today presume to be true about Christianity.

In this message, I respond to Morgan and ask for the real Christianity to please step forward!


Grace Questions

What about drinking alcohol? What does “I can do all things through Christ” really mean? Do Christians have two spiritual natures? Does the Spirit interceding for us with groanings relate to speaking in tongues? I address these and more!

Christ as Life!

What does it mean to know Christ as your Life? In this full-length message, I discuss this important but often neglected truth!

United With Him

We Christians often talk about getting close and staying close to God. But could it be that the very closeness we seek is something that we already possess?

In this full-length message, I invite you to dive deeply into one of the core truths of the Gospel- your spiritual union with Jesus Christ.

Get Real

Really forgiven. Really righteous. Really sanctified. Learn how to get real and keep it real!

Celebrate the New! – Part 3

What makes you so different from your next door neighbor? What exactly changed at your new birth in Christ? And if you’re so new, why do you still struggle with sin?

Find solid answers to these important questions and learn to celebrate your new identity like never before in this powerful, Scriptural message!

Celebrate the New! – Part 2

What does the new covenant mean for us in terms of our forgiveness? And how is our forgiveness different from what Old Testament people experienced under the Law?

In this full-length message, we celebrate the “once for all” forgiveness we now enjoy in Christ Jesus. With the new year beginning, it’s a perfect time to celebrate all that the new covenant means for us!


Celebrate the New! – Part 1

What makes the new covenant of God’s grace so different from the old covenant? What specific effect can the new way of grace have in our lives?

Some have said this is the most important message that I share. So enjoy this celebration of the new covenant (39 min) as we start the new year together!

God’s Greatest Gift

Let’s do more than celebrate the birth of Jesus!

This holiday season, let’s rightly understand that the death and resurrection of Christ are two of God’s greatest gifts to us. After all, it is these events that enable us to have the ultimate gift of all- the life of Christ dwelling in us!

Jesus! – Part 6

Jesus was born as a baby. He grew up. He learned. He was tempted in every way. He then acted as our sympathetic high priest who is able to deal with our everyday weaknesses.

In this full-length message, I discuss the humanity and the humility of Jesus. And why it all matters for you!

Jesus! – Part 5

Why was it so important for Jesus to be fully human? How do the water and the blood testify to His humanity? And how does all of this tie into the true identity of the “antichrist”?

The answer may surprise you in “JESUS: His Humanity and Our Eternity!”


Jesus! – Part 4

Jesus prayed this radical prayer for you, and it was answered!

Check it out in this week’s powerful addition to our series “JESUS!” Also, get my take on the popular idea of “progressive sanctification.”

Jesus! – Part 3

In this holiday series, Andrew presents some of the most powerful passages from the Gospel of John to highlight the person and work of Jesus Christ.

JESUS! – Part 2

Is Jesus the only way to God? How do we experience the love of God when our circumstances or feelings don’t seem to line up with the truth of His love? 

Find out in this latest message in the series called “JESUS!”

JESUS! – Part 1

In this holiday series, Andrew presents some of the most powerful passages from the Gospel of John to highlight the person and work of Jesus Christ. This first message in the series is based on the first chapter of John.

The Importance of Grace – Part 8

How central is the identity-in-Christ message? Is it just a trendy focus or the very core of the Gospel? How do we walk by the Spirit and what does that even look like?

Find out in this latest full-length message on “The Importance of Grace”!

The Importance of Grace – Part 7

In this powerful and controversial passage, the Apostle Paul pushes believers to choose between legalism and love. What will you choose today?

Enjoy this full-length message on the importance of Grace!