Full Messages

Your Perfect Faith

Genesis tells the story of a man named Abraham who laughed at God’s promise to give him a son. Abraham even concocted a “Plan B” by having a child with his household servant, Hagar. Clearly, Abraham experienced serious doubt.

But when the New Testament recounts this story, God’s view of Abraham’s faith seems to be different. We’re told that Abraham did not waver and grew strong in his faith!

In this message, I present the radical idea that God sees you as a perfect believer. He remembers your doubt no more!

If you have ever worried about your level of faith, or your wavering and doubt, this message may serve as a strong encouragement to you.


Remember to Enjoy Him!

Sometimes we just forget all that God did for us through Jesus. As a result, we fail to enjoy our relationship with the Father.

In this message, I discuss what it means to enjoy God and what exactly we need to remember in order to do so.


Bad Things

Here’s the age-old question: Why do bad things happen to “good people” and in this case, saints?
In this full-length message, I address this important question and offer a Biblical perspective that highlights the goodness of God.
You may wish to share this with someone who has experienced considerable pain or is going through trouble right now.

ReThink! (Part 5)

In this latest edition of “ReThink!”, I address the misleading idea that we believers have a “sinful nature.” Also, I offer a Scriptural definition of “the flesh” and even discuss “revival.”

I think you’ll find this latest edition of “ReThink!” to be insightful and helpful in gaining a new perspective on everyday living.


ReThink! (Part 4)

Do we believers need to “come to the end of ourselves” in order to “be broken” and “surrender” to God”?

Find out the surprising and liberating truth in this latest edition of “ReThink!”


ReThink! (Part 3)

What value does the Old Testament have in light of grace? Isn’t “balancing” God’s grace a good thing? What does “fall from grace” mean? What’s going on with Paul when he does what he doesn’t want to do? Aren’t there still spiritual and natural consequences for sin?

ReThink! (Part 2)

Is the whole world forgiven? Who are the “elect”? Is the Law written on the believer’s heart? Are health and wealth a promise to us in the finished work of Christ?

These questions and much more are addressed in this latest installment of “ReThink!”



In this fast-paced, popcorn-style message, I address some common misconceptions about God’s grace and our new identity in Christ. Enjoy!

The Importance of Truth (2 John)

Emotions are up-and-down and all around, and circumstances come and go. But the truth of the Gospel is a constant.

In this full-length message on 2 John, I discuss the importance of knowing and walking in truth.

Along the way, you’ll discover some intriguing ideas about an inborn love that God has given you!

I hope this message strengthens and encourages you in your trust of Jesus.


From the Heart!

In this informal conversation, I share from the heart some thoughts on the new covenant, the message of total forgiveness, living life under God’s grace, and being in union with Jesus.

I hope this is an encouragement to you as you celebrate the fullness of God’s grace and share this message with those around you.

His Love, His Light, His Life! (Part 7)

Every believer benefits from the testimony of three witnesses, and we can have full confidence that Jesus has given us new life.

Find out what these three witnesses are and why we can have such confidence in this brand new message on 1 John 5.


His Love, His Light, His Life! (Part 6)

We often try to determine God’s love through the quality of our circumstances, how much we’ve been “blessed.” Consequently, we’re often left wondering what God really feels about us.

In this full length message, I discuss how we can correctly discover and grow in the knowledge of God’s love.


His Love, His Light, His Life! (Part 5)

1 John 4 is such a powerful passage about deceivers and believers, and truth versus error.

In this full-length message on 1 John 4, I address issues such as:

  • spiritual warfare from a grace perspective

  • how to recognize false teaching

  • once saved, always saved – is it truth or error?

  • the real identity of the antichrist(s)

I hope this message is an encouragement to you this weekend as you think about these matters, all the while remembering that “greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.


Jesus and You: Death, Burial, and Resurrection!

We just finished celebrating the greatest day in human history, when Jesus was raised from the dead!

But each aspect of what Jesus accomplished is so important to understand: His death, His burial, and His resurrection.

In this full-length message, I present the work of Jesus from these three different angles and discuss the life-giving impact that each can have on us personally.


Believers vs. Deceivers

Do true believers never sin? Some twist the meaning of 1 John 3 into the false idea that Christians never sin again.

Is “abiding” an in-and-out experience? Some see abiding in this way, and for them it can turn into a “work” of sorts.

In this full-length message, I address both concerns using a color-coded distinction between believers and deceivers.

To me, things become a whole lot clearer that way. See what you think!

Antichrist, Abiding, and Anointing!

​Who is the antichrist? Is there more than one? What is “abiding”? What does it mean to have an anointing? Does every believer have one?

These questions and more are addressed in this full-length message.


His Love, His Light, His Life! (Part 2)

Are you in the light? Do you have God’s love residing within you? What is His new command?

In this exciting look at 1 John 2, I answer these questions and much more.


Forgiven or Not?

1 John is a book of contrasts:

  • Darkness versus light
  • Sin versus righteousness
  • Hate versus love
  • Evil versus God

And when we realize that 1 John is centered around these contrasts, it helps a great deal as we encounter its challenging passages about our forgiveness and our fellowship with God.

In this full-length message, I address forgiveness, confession and fellowship, seeking to remove the religious clutter so the Gospel can be fully celebrated.


9 Nuances of the New Covenant

The new covenant message of God’s grace is so beautiful and so worthy of our celebration. Still, some twist the truths of the new covenant into something that God never intended for us.

In this full-length messages, I introduce nine important clarifications that can keep us from heading in the wrong direction. I address questions like:

  • Is the Law dead?
  • Do Christians still sin?
  • Is it supposed to be “all of God and none of me”?

These and other important questions are addressed, as I simultaneously highlight the powerful truth of the Gospel that sets us free!


Grade A Choice Freedom

Here are 3 choices that Christians don’t have to make and 3 choices we make every day!

Spiritual Investment & Return

Over the years, the Parable of the Talents has stressed out many Christians as they’ve asked: Are believers punished for not using their gifts and talents? And is it a “use it or lose it” mentality with God?

In this full-length message, find out the liberating truth concerning this parable, and others that Jesus told, centered on spiritual investment and return!

Lost and Found!

Our dog Teddy was lost and never retrieved. Our dog Waldo was lost but then found and rescued.

When you lose something precious to you, finding it becomes pretty important. In this week’s Snapshots message, we look at Jesus’ take on being lost and found.

In this full-length message, I talk about what it means to be so valuable to the Father that He would pursue us and then rescue us.


Snapshots! – Part 2

Peter asked Jesus how many times he should forgive those who sin against him. Jesus replied with a grand total of 490 times (per person, per issue).

Then Jesus launched into a story about a king who punished a servant for not forgiving others the way that he had been forgiven (where’s the king’s forgiveness in that ending?).

In this full-length message, I address this controversial story and two other word pictures presented by Jesus.

Here, you’ll learn why it’s so important to maintain the proper tension and contrast between the stringency of the Law and the beauty of God’s grace.

Enjoy these intriguing snapshots from Jesus’ teaching!

Snapshots – Part 1

What did Jesus mean when he likened us to a wineskin? A good tree? The light of the world? And a house built on the rock?

Find out in my brand new series, “Snapshots!” Here’s part one.


Convicted of Righteousness!

The believer’s righteousness is the meat of the Gospel message.

  • Are we really as righteous as Jesus?

  • What does it mean to be righteous?

  • How is it more than just being “clothed” in Christ’s righteousness?

Here I discuss our righteousness from various angles, and this important message has the potential to both surprise and encourage you.


A New Year’s Celebration – Part 2

A new heart, a new command inscribed on it, and a brand new way to think- there is so much NEW to celebrate in this new year.

Here’s part two of my New Year’s Celebration message.


A New Year’s Celebration

Here we are in the first week of the new year! It’s a time when many of us make new year’s resolutions, seeking change in one area or another.

But sometimes real change lies in understanding what is already new!

With that in mind, here’s my latest message called “A New Year’s Celebration!” It’s all about the newness we can already enjoy in God’s new way of grace.

In this message, I highlight what it means to really celebrate…

  • a new covenant
  • a new kind of forgiveness (once for all!)
  • our newfound freedom in Jesus
  • our new identity in Christ
  • our new heart laced with brand new passions and desires

Some have said that, for them, this was one of the most meaningful messages of 2017, so it may be one that you don’t want to miss!​

JESUS: Our Life

United with Christ. One spirit with Him. Fused together and infused with His resurrection life.

There are so many ways to express what it means to know Jesus as our Life and to enjoy intimacy with Him.

Here’s a message that is a celebration of that gift of oneness and newness that we have in Christ.


JESUS: Our Rescuer

This time of year, we think a lot about Jesus Christ becoming one of us and living life on planet Earth just as we do today.

Jesus was tempted in every way.

He was rejected by others.

He experienced excruciating physical pain.

And, ultimately, He was killed.

Because of what Jesus endured and suffered, He can relate to us today. He really knows what it’s like to hurt as we do.

In this message, “Jesus: Our Rescuer”, I share why it is so important to understand that Jesus is sympathetic to our weaknesses.

I hope this message is an encouragement to you today!

The Truth About Tongues

The spiritual gift of tongues – such a controversial issue! For many decades, the church has been divided on the topic of tongues.

  • Is tongues an angelic language?
  • Is tongues a heavenly language?
  • Is tongues a private prayer language?

In this video message, “The Truth About Tongues”, I share what I believe is the simple and straightforward reality about the gift of tongues.

No matter what your take is on the issue, I hope you find this message engaging and challenging as you decide what you believe.