God, Your Father

Andrew Farley

Reflecting on our earthly dads can stir up a variety of emotions. Whether it’s joy and celebration or pain and difficulty, it’s important not to let our human views of fatherhood cloud our understanding of God the Father. The Father is good, and knowing His goodness is foundational to a healthy Christianity. From providing you […]

The Truth About Accusation

Andrew Farley

As a Christian, you have an enemy working day and night to condemn you. From thoughts about past sins to accusations against your heart and motives, Satan wants you to doubt who you are and feel guilty about what you’ve done. In this message, I share how to resist the enemy’s arrows and what to […]

The Truth About Temptation

Andrew Farley

Temptation is a reality for all of us. Whether it’s lust, worry, addiction, or any sinful thought, there’s no shortage of ways the enemy seeks to drag us down and destroy us. When we give in, feelings of guilt and shame only make us feel worse. So how do we say “no” to temptation? Is […]

Why Did Jesus Die?

Andrew Farley

It might seem like a simple question, but there are several theories in the Christian world about why Jesus died. Some say it was to conquer sin. Others believe it was to buy us back from the curse of the Law. Concepts like “atonement” and “penal substitution” are often part of the discussion. In this […]

Protect! Guarding the Church from Falsehood

Andrew Farley

Believers are warned in 2 John about opponents of the Gospel seeking to twist the truth about Jesus Christ. We see it today in people teaching that we need to do more, love more, and confess more to find peace with God. But we don’t have a frustrated, angry God wishing we did better. We […]

Born Twice: Jesus Teaches the Teacher!

The term “born again” is pervasive in our culture, but do we really understand what it means? Some believe it’s about water baptism, church attendance, or maybe Bible knowledge. Even Nicodemus, a religious scholar we read about in John 3:1-21, was confused. As Jesus explains to Nicodemus, being born again is about salvation – a […]

God Delights in You!

On Mother’s Day, Bible passages like Proverbs 31 are often presented as a description of the ideal woman or Christian. It’s offered as a high standard that can leave us feeling like we don’t measure up. But God doesn’t need you to aspire to be something or someone you’re not. He’s absolutely pleased with you and likes everything about you! […]

Saved! Now What?

Andrew Farley

After salvation, it’s normal to wonder what comes next. We want to grow, and we’re often taught that growth comes from seeking more: more righteousness, more forgiveness, more sanctification. We’re told as we do our part, we become more pleasing to God. But what if growing in your faith isn’t about doing or seeking more? […]

Grace Outside the Gate

Andrew Farley

For thousands of years, people have sought God’s favor through sacrifice, rituals, and religious traditions. But in Hebrews 13, we’re encouraged to let go of the past to focus on a new, radical way of living: by God’s grace. In this message, you’ll receive your invitation to break free from popular religion and to take […]

Resurrection – His and Yours!

Andrew Farley

We find forgiveness and peace with God through Christ’s death on the cross. But there’s more to the Gospel than believing Jesus died for your sins. You can’t be born again without the resurrection! Jesus rising out of that tomb demonstrates God’s power and victory over death. And yet it also carries a personal meaning […]

Proclaim! – Part 5

Andrew Farley at The Grace Church

Have you ever wondered about the best strategy for sharing the Gospel? Many teachers often make salvation sound so difficult. But if we share it’s as simple as child-like faith, does that make salvation sound too easy? We can learn a lot from the Apostle Paul, who delivers a powerful sermon in Acts 17 to […]

Proclaim! – Part 4

Andrew Farley

It’s tempting to think that God only forgives and shows favor to people who act in a certain way, and godly living is what helps us avoid judgment. But as we see in Peter’s sermon in Acts 10, if you’re searching for peace with God and what pleases Him, it’s not about your level of […]

Proclaim! – Part 3

In Acts 7, we see the incredible sermon of Stephen, a man full of grace, power, and the Holy Spirit who became the first Christian martyred for his faith. What did Stephen say that caused those listening to gnash their teeth and respond in murderous rage? And what was it that caused Jesus to stand up in Heaven […]

Proclaim! – Part 2

In Acts 3, Peter refers to Jesus as the “Prince of Life,” a beautiful reminder of the refreshment and fulfillment we find in the Gospel. This is in stark contrast to lifeless religion centered on human achievement that always leaves us feeling burned out and dried up. In this message, I address the difference between […]

Proclaim! – Part 1

A lot is happening in the book of Acts! Filled with excitement, conflict, and sermons from the apostles, Acts provides a glimpse into the early days of the church and the New Covenant. In this message from Chapter 2, the first in my new series, Proclaim! – The Sermons in Acts, we’ll see the amazing […]

The Grace Message

Should we be afraid of too much grace? Maybe you’ve heard we should balance grace with obedience or truth, or that God’s grace only goes so far, or focusing on grace will lead to sin. The good news is that grace is the most incredible message on the planet! Grace is central to the Gospel […]

The Gospel in One Verse!

The religious world tells us we can feel good about ourselves and good about God only after we’ve met certain standards and requirements. But that law-based mentality inevitably ends in defeat. The Law requires perfection, and God doesn’t grade on a curve! So, how can you possibly please Him? In this message from one of […]

Won’t You Be Mine?

February is a month when we celebrate love, and on Valentine’s Day, we hope for the attention of others. But when people fall short of our expectations, we’re left feeling disillusioned and disappointed. Thankfully God’s divine love never disappoints. And His love is so much bigger than forgiveness and a ticket to Heaven. He likes […]

Pushback & Progress – Part 3

When people resist or have major questions about the grace of God, we can respond with gentleness and respect if we’re prepared with solid answers. In Part 3 of “Pushback & Progress,” I debunk several popular notions that challenge God’s grace, including: Should we be afraid of God? Is the Sermon on the Mount a passage for Christian growth? Is […]