Give Thanks: Now and Then! (Part 2)

It’s been an unbelievably rough year, and it has taken its toll on us- illness, depression, grief and loss. How can we be genuinely thankful in circumstances like these? Discover triumph even in tragedy through this heartfelt message on giving thanks.

Give Thanks: Now and Then!

Where does genuine thankfulness come from? Do we merely grit our teeth and try to be thankful? If not, what can inspire us? And how can we truly give thanks even in the midst of tragedy? In this two-part series, Andrew explores the authentic, God-given motivation for thankfulness. In these hard times, this is sure […]

God’s Big Fat Greek Wedding – Part 11

The spiritual gifts of prophecy and tongues have caused controversy and confusion in the body of Christ. Here, you’ll learn the simple truth about these gifts and discover why you can celebrate having the greatest Gift of all.

God’s Big Fat Greek Wedding – Part 10

How do you as a normal, average (exhausted!) human even begin to display God’s perfect love to others? How does “loving others” not turn into a legalistic message of “do more” and ”be more”? Get real answers here!

God’s Big Fat Greek Wedding – Part 5

Infighting and immorality in the church both stem from not understanding who we are in Christ. We are above division, and sin is beneath us. We will even judge angels! Find out more in this message on 1 Corinthians 6.

God’s Big Fat Greek Wedding – Part 4

“Church discipline.” The term alone can evoke such fear among many. With the abuses and– on the opposite end of the spectrum– the passivity among religious leaders today, it’s no wonder we’re confused about the issue. There is a biblical, grace-filled approach to church discipline, but what does it look like? Here, Andrew offers an […]

God’s Big Fat Greek Wedding – Part 3

An evangelist starts. A discipler continues. But what message will stand the test of time? And will our works be judged? What is the reward? Find out the answers to these important questions and so much more in 1 Corinthians 3.

God’s Big Fat Greek Wedding – Part 1

You’re sanctified. You have peace with God. You’re in fellowship with Him. You’re blameless before Him. Celebrate this and so much more in Part 1 of Andrew’s new series, “God’s Big Fat Greek Wedding”!


Adversity. Conflict. Suffering. Why does it happen? Where is God in it? What’s my role? Get solid answers in this message titled “HELP!”


Relationships are about learning to relate from sonship.


Tempted!: In this message, I talk about how being a new creation helps us in the midst of temptation.