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Convicted of Righteousness

Are you as righteous as Jesus Christ? The answer may surprise you in this important message urgently needed in the Church today. Tired of milk? Here’s the meat of the Gospel!

A New Year’s Celebration – Part 2

A new heart, a new command inscribed on it, and a brand new way to think- there is so much NEW to celebrate in this new year.

Here’s part two of my New Year’s Celebration message.


A New Year’s Celebration

Here we are in the first week of the new year! It’s a time when many of us make new year’s resolutions, seeking change in one area or another.

But sometimes real change lies in understanding what is already new!

With that in mind, here’s my latest message called “A New Year’s Celebration!” It’s all about the newness we can already enjoy in God’s new way of grace.

In this message, I highlight what it means to really celebrate…

  • a new covenant
  • a new kind of forgiveness (once for all!)
  • our newfound freedom in Jesus
  • our new identity in Christ
  • our new heart laced with brand new passions and desires

Some have said that, for them, this was one of the most meaningful messages of 2017, so it may be one that you don’t want to miss!​

JESUS: Our Life

United with Christ. One spirit with Him. Fused together and infused with His resurrection life.

There are so many ways to express what it means to know Jesus as our Life and to enjoy intimacy with Him.

Here’s a message that is a celebration of that gift of oneness and newness that we have in Christ.


JESUS: Our Rescuer

This time of year, we think a lot about Jesus Christ becoming one of us and living life on planet Earth just as we do today.

Jesus was tempted in every way.

He was rejected by others.

He experienced excruciating physical pain.

And, ultimately, He was killed.

Because of what Jesus endured and suffered, He can relate to us today. He really knows what it’s like to hurt as we do.

In this message, “Jesus: Our Rescuer”, I share why it is so important to understand that Jesus is sympathetic to our weaknesses.

I hope this message is an encouragement to you today!

The Truth About Tongues

The spiritual gift of tongues – such a controversial issue! For many decades, the church has been divided on the topic of tongues.

  • Is tongues an angelic language?
  • Is tongues a heavenly language?
  • Is tongues a private prayer language?

In this video message, “The Truth About Tongues”, I share what I believe is the simple and straightforward reality about the gift of tongues.

No matter what your take is on the issue, I hope you find this message engaging and challenging as you decide what you believe.


Give Thanks: Here’s the Fuel!

The holidays can be a time of tremendous thankfulness but also a time of stress as emotions go up and down and all around.

As believers, we are told that it is God’s will that we give thanks in everything. Still, that’s easier said than done.

In this message, I share how we can get to a place of genuine thankfulness without gritting our teeth or employing the “fake it til you make it” approach.

I hope this is a source of encouragement to you and that God uses it to bring you authentic joy inspired by all He has done in the new covenant.


The Predestination Puzzle – Part 2: Romans

In part 1 of “The Predestination Puzzle” we looked at all of the passages related to predestination in Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians.

But so many questions remain!

What about Romans?

Didn’t God harden Pharaoh’s heart?

What does “Jacob I loved, Esau I hated” mean?

And what about the Potter and the clay analogy?

In this second part of our two-part series, “The Predestination Puzzle”, I address all of these questions and so much more.

I hope you take the time to really soak this one in. I believe the result may be that you finally solve the predestination puzzle in your mind and then get to celebrate the fullness of the Gospel message like never before!

The Predestination Puzzle

Maybe you’ve heard the idea that God has pre-selected some to believe and be saved, while others have no chance, because they were not “chosen” by God.

If true, this confusing belief system would lead to all kinds of concerning questions:

  • How could one ever really know for sure if they are “picked”?
  • How could evangelism be essential if the saved are already chosen?
  • Should believers be resigned to engage in a Plato-Socrates style debate over “fate” versus “free will” like so many do today?

Rest assured that there are solid solutions to the predestination puzzle. And in this full-length message, I share the simple truth that may bring you the clarity you’ve been looking for!

The Truth About Law and Grace

If Christians are not under the Law, then how does God lead us?

Does our freedom from the Law include the Ten Commandments?

How does God’s grace keep us from a life of chaos and lawlessness?

These questions and more are addressed in this new message, “The Truth About Law and Grace.”


What is Happening?

Ever wondered how we could be the righteousness of God and yet still be learning and growing and experiencing renewal of the mind along the way?

In this video message, I discuss what has already happened and what is still happening. It’s an important look at both the finished work of Christ and the progressive adventure of the Christian life.

Hope you enjoy!

Baptized for the dead? Die daily?

Baptized for the dead? Die daily? What do these expressions really mean and what is our personal takeaway from this controversial passage in 1 Corinthians 15?

Find out in this video message!

I Don’t Feel Anything!

Often in the Christian life we go through periods of time in which we don’t feel much. We might feel numb. We might even feel negative about spiritual matters.

Some have stories of how they once felt so close to God and then slowly those feelings began to fade. Others never felt much to begin with compared to the experiences of those around them.

In this message titled “I Don’t Feel Anything!” I talk about the healthy way forward when we don’t feel the way that we think we should.

I hope this message is an encouragement to you!

No Fear!

Fear of death. Fear of judgment. Fear of loss of salvation.

There are so many flavors of fear that can take hold in our lives.

In this message, I address fear and show how the message of God’s grace can put to rest all our fears.


The New Creation – Part 7

Recently, I taught on a powerful Bible passage that addresses some fascinating questions:

  • Why is Creation groaning and waiting on us?
  • How exactly does the Spirit pray for us?
  • How should we look at pain and suffering?​ Does God ever cause it?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in this latest message!


The New Creation – Part 6

You are always in the Spirit, even when you walk by the flesh. Find out more in this liberating look at Romans 8!

The New Creation – Part 5

“I’m doing the very thing that I don’t want to do”- this was a struggle documented in Romans 7. But is this struggle the destiny of every Christian? Is it all that we can expect?
Here I present six truths and three questions that together highlight the true context of Paul’s Romans 7 struggle.
Find out what this means for you!

The New Creation – Part 4

Some say there’s no real victory over sin on this side of heaven. And they cite Paul’s struggle in Romans 7 as evidence. If the Apostle Paul couldn’t say “no” to coveting, then how is there any real hope for us?

But the truth is that Romans 7 is not the normal Christian life by any stretch. No, it’s actually just the inevitable outcome for anyone – saved or lost – who puts themselves under the Law.

On top of that, here I present some compelling evidence that Paul’s Romans 7 story is actually his experience before he met Jesus Christ. This, all the more, bolsters the liberating truth that we indeed have genuine hope on this side of heaven.


The New Creation – Part 3

God has done something to you, something permanent, something powerful, something that you cannot get away from- even if you tried!

Find out what in this full-length video message.

The New Creation – Part 2

With limitless grace and forgiveness, what will prevent us from setting world records for sin?

Find out in this in-depth look at your new identity in Christ!

​The New Creation (Part 1)

Have you ever thought about the difference between the Cross and the Resurrection in terms of what they each accomplish for us?

I’ve just started a brand new series on Romans 5-8, one of the most powerful passages of Scripture in the Bible.

In this message on Romans 5, I highlight the difference between the Cross and the Resurrection and what each offers us in response to our guilt and our weakness.


10 Myths of Religion

Colossians 2 is one of the most powerful passages in the Bible.

Against the backdrop of this powerful passage, I present 10 myths of man-made religion and the truths that set us free.

Some have said these are the most impacting truths they have ever heard.

I hope you enjoy!

Realizing Your Righteousness and 10 Myths that Hinder

10 Rarely do believers hear messages on their righteousness. When they do, these messages are often couched in “that’s just how God sees us.”

But does God see reality? Are you really righteous? And how does this relate to you being born of the Spirit?

In this full-length message, I address 10 myths that hinder us from realizing our righteousness.

The Truth about Trouble

Some say that God is hurling disaster at us to test our faith. Others say that any difficulty in our experience may be a result of our lack of faith.

In this full-length message, I address both of these errors and discuss the truth about trouble.

If you have been losing heart lately given your circumstances, I encourage you to not miss this one!

The Truth About the Antichrist

Is the antichrist one person? Why does John say that the antichrist is anyone who denies that Jesus came in the flesh? And how do John’s statements jive with the popular view of the antichrist as someone who pretends to be Christ?

They seem like different concepts, and they are! Find out more in this week’s message, “The Truth About the Antichrist.”

No Strings Attached

Many of the questions we receive on our radio broadcast relate to whether or not there is a limit to God’s love and grace. Many Christians are just plain unsure. Even though we use the word “agape” to describe God’s love, we still have our doubts about whether or not we might be able to ruin the “deal” we have with God by our performance.

In this full-length message titled “No Strings Attached”, I discuss why it is so important to understand God’s limitless grace and what impact this can have on our relationships, on marriage, on parenting, and on every aspect of our lives!

Fight for Truth: a study in Jude

Fight for Truth: a study in Jude

Truly Knowing Him: a series in 2 Peter (Part 3)

Is Peter saying that we can lose our salvation or lose our contentment if we willfully choose a pattern of sin?

This is the question at hand as I address this very challenging passage in second Peter.