The Gift of Resurrection Life

Many are familiar with the gift of Jesus celebrated at Christmas. But beyond His birth and sacrifice on the cross, few recognize the importance of His resurrection to our salvation. In this message, I share about the gift of resurrection life. It’s the essential ingredient for Christianity, making us righteous, forgiven, and rescued from judgment. […]

Believe to Live – Part 2

Christmas is a time when we stop to think about the birth of Jesus. But do we realize Jesus represents what separates Christianity from all other world religions? In this message from John 1, I share the major implications of Jesus being fully God and fully human – His divinity compatible with our humanity. This […]

Believe to Live – Part 1

Andrew Farley

There’s much more to Christmas than a baby in a manger. God is on a mission – a mission not of judgment or condemnation but of rescue! In this message, you’ll learn more about God’s mission and invitation to you found in John 3:16-18. You may not realize how easy it is to be saved, […]

When God Talks To God – Part 2

Andrew Farley

We don’t always know how to pray very well. Maybe we feel unqualified or inept as we struggle to express ourselves to God. But you don’t have to worry about praying the right words or the right way; God’s got you covered. God is praying for you, and He’s already provided answers to many of […]

When God Talks To God – Part 1

Andrew Farley - When God Talks To God

During the Christmas season, we remember the gift of Jesus, but do you realize you’re a gift to Jesus? In this message from John 17, we see God talking to God – and He’s talking about you! You are a gift from God to Jesus and are esteemed, valued, and appreciated. Your past no longer […]

Thank God!

Andrew Farley

The Thanksgiving holiday is a beautiful reminder of reasons to be thankful. But our world is full of difficulty, grief, and loss, and circumstances can leave us feeling the opposite of grateful. How do we set our minds on things above and gain a fresh, positive perspective? In this message, I share ten reasons for […]

Can You Hear Me Now?

Can You Hear Me Now?

Sometimes we get our wires crossed in understanding God’s grace. Maybe we think too much grace means too much sin. Or we might believe grace should be balanced with rules to help us say ‘no’ to sin. In this message, I highlight the difference between following self-improvement and sin reduction methods versus trusting in the […]

Grace & Godliness – Part 3

Andrew Farley

Many are infatuated with doing good deeds and avoiding sin. We hear motivational sermons about doing more and loving more. But is there no more to the Gospel than behavior improvement? In this message, I address the foundation for fruit-bearing in Titus 3. The foundation of grace frees you to be loving, gentle, and peaceable […]

Grace & Godliness – Part 2

Andrew Farley

When we understand that grace leads to godliness, we can stop being afraid of too much grace. It’s the grace of God, not the law, that provides victory over sin and empowers godly living. But how then do we apply passages that talk about behavior and good works, like Titus 2? How do we ensure […]

Grace & Godliness – Part 1

People often equate godliness with a life of morality and clean living. We want to “be better”, so we pursue godliness through religious effort. Our commitment turns into rule-keeping. We might even start to think that too much grace will lead to immorality. But what happens when we inevitably mess up and fall short? We […]

Pressure-Free Prayer – Part 2

Andrew Farley

Does prayer ever feel routine or inauthentic, like a laundry list of requests to get what we want? What happens when we only hear silence, and we’re left feeling alone and discouraged? Do we need to use different words or follow a different formula, or can we be in authentic communication with God? In this […]

Pressure-Free Prayer – Part 1

Prayer is a mystery, and we all have moments of feeling like we don’t know how to pray. Should I be praying in tongues, praying in the Spirit, or using more spiritual words? Do I need to pray more often, be more demanding, or focus on listening and reflection? How do I know the right […]

Live Like Children

Andrew Farley @ The Grace Church

Religion tells us we earn our place in God’s family through spiritual commitment and dedication. God’s examining our performance, so we better do our part. But what if we found our confidence in what God’s done, not what we do? In this message, I share the awe-inspiring truths of being God’s kid. It’s not about […]

The Gigantic LOVE of God

We all want to experience the love of God, but sometimes it feels out of reach. We survey our emotions or face difficult circumstances, and when we don’t feel His love, we get discouraged. The familiar religious message is maybe we don’t love Him – or our neighbors – enough. Jesus said to love everyone […]

Celebrations! Baptism & Communion – Part 3

Andrew Farley

The believer’s spiritual immersion into Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection makes us dead to sin and alive to God. But do we truly know the significance of this spiritual baptism and how it changes our view of sin? What do we do when bad thoughts still fill our heads? In this message from Romans 6, […]

Celebrations! Baptism & Communion – Part 2

Being right with God is a big deal, and we don’t want to get salvation wrong. Some view water baptism as a requirement for salvation, while others view baptism as an outdated practice that’s no longer necessary. In this message, I address several Bible passages that speak to baptism, including those that mention water and those that don’t. You’ll learn the […]

Celebrations! Baptism & Communion – Part 1

Baptism and communion are two of the most misunderstood practices in the Christian world. What are they for, and what’s their proper place in the Christian life? Some view communion as necessary for salvation, while others believe it’s about sorrowful self-reflection as we dim the lights, play sad music, and assess our sins. In this […]

You Know the Truth

What kind of treatment should you expect from the God of the universe? Does it depend on what you do for Him and how hard you try? In this message from 2 John, we’ll see that when we’re in Christ, we’re never apart from Him. We’ve been made new, and there’s an ease and rest that replaces doing and improving. […]

The Prodigal Son’s Father

We can make a big deal of our sins, thinking we can somehow undo what the Father has done for us. We see this in the parable of the Prodigal Son as he rehearses a lengthy apology and can’t deliver it before he’s celebrated. In this message from Luke 15, you’ll learn that God doesn’t […]

The Greater Truths of the Gospel

Many settle for less in their understanding of the Gospel, accepting a message that’s nothing more than morality, ethics, or Christian principles. In this sermon, I address three myths and three truths about the Gospel that will help you grasp: Your total and complete forgiveness Why sin is hard work More grace does not lead […]