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How do we know that Paul is actually referring to himself in Romans 7? Do the removed branches in Romans 11 refer to loss of salvation? Wouldn’t more people be saved if they understand they are under the control of sin?

Am I defiling my body if I drink alcohol? Are there levels in Heaven? My girlfriend believes she can’t be healed because she is with me. Does God put conditions on healing? On His forgiveness? How should we understand the Parable of the Talents? Have I gone overboard in grace?

If all Scripture is useful for teaching, then how should we teach the Old Testament today? Will we see our pets again in Heaven? Do we go to Heaven immediately or during the rapture? Can the seal of the Holy Spirit be broken?

How did Peter know what Moses and Elijah looked like at the transfiguration? How were the Corinthians taking the Lord’s Supper in an unworthy manner? What does it mean to present your members to sin or to God? Will we see our pets again in Heaven?

Are people who believe everything is predetermined really saved? Are there branches in Jesus that produce no fruit? How can we share the Gospel message with our son who has autism? I struggle with doubt and wonder if I’m really saved. Can you help me?

Can you still tithe from the heart? Are there two types of forgiveness from God – positional and relational?

How do we apply 1 Thessalonians 4:12 if we are already sanctified? I need some relief from the stress on me. Do you have any thoughts? How do you remain solely focused on God’s grace?

How involved should we be in politics? Is God more likely to answer a prayer with “yes” if more people pray? Why are we taught to ask for forgiveness if “it is finished”? How do I get rid of bad thoughts? Can you talk about guilt, shame, and anxiety? What about the Lord’s Prayer- shouldn’t we pray it?

What does it mean to cast your cares upon the Lord? Why did John write not to add to the book of Revelation? What about prophecy today? What does it mean to abide in Christ?

Why aren’t the children of believers already saved? What does the word “rod” mean? How should we discipline our children under grace? Am I truly saved? Does God require church membership?

Why does Paul quote the Old Testament law in Ephesians 6? Is water baptism required for salvation? Why is the word “LORD” in all caps in some passages?

Why does Romans 3:25 seem to communicate that only sins of the past are forgiven? What was Paul’s thorn in the flesh? How can I overcome the burden I feel from watching so much bad news on television? Why does Psalm 23 say God prepares a table for us before our enemies?

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