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Is our nation going to Hell because the Ten Commandments are no longer in schools? If we’re totally forgiven of all our sins, then are we held accountable for our sins as so many claim? Are we already living in the end times?

Do the Ten Commandments apply to the believer? What am I supposed to do to be led by the Spirit? Someone taught me that we shouldn’t act too familiar with God because it’s disrespectful. Is this true? If you can recognize your relatives in Heaven, won’t you miss the ones that didn’t make it? How do I take a “free fall” into trusting Jesus? The concept eludes me as I wonder what to do.

What does it mean to overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony? My friend tells me I’m not keeping the Lord’s Day holy. Am I required to keep the Sabbath?

How is the peace that Jesus gives different from worldly peace? What does the Holy Spirit think when a believer gets distracted by New Age or pagan practices? My daughter was raised as a Christian, but now says she is an atheist. Is there a chance she is saved?

Will the Holy Spirit ever leave me? My wife left me, and I’m wondering if I’m allowed to remarry. Am I? Have the seals in Revelation already been opened? How should we view the book of Revelation?

Is the New Testament message really about Abraham or is it about Jesus? Why does Paul talk about baptism for the dead? Can someone fall away from Christ and lose their salvation? Why does Paul say that women will be “saved” through childbirth?

How should we view Proverbs 20:1 and 23:20 regarding alcohol? What is Paul’s instruction on the weaker and stronger brother? A friend of mine condones immoral sexual behavior, telling me it’s okay. He also says Jesus is not the only way to have a relationship with God. How should I respond? Why does Jesus teach “Give, and it will be given to you” in Luke 6:38?

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