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How do I take every thought captive? Why does the New Testament talk about “religion” in a positive and negative light? The churches I’ve attended make me feel inferior for not speaking in tongues. What should I do?

Tags: body of Christ, captive, Colossians 2, diversity, James 1:27, love, religion, spiritual gifts, thoughts, tongues, variety

Are there good qualities in people before they’re saved? What if you’re struggling with sin when you die? Do you go to Hell? Is it safe to say those who completely abandon Christianity were never really in Christ to start with? Is it accurate to say God unconditionally loves some people and hates others?

Tags: apostasy, God, hate, Hell, John 3:16, love, salvation, struggles, unbelievers

What is “binding and loosing” in Matthew 16? Why do I experience so much fear? My friends tell me I should have more faith. What are the main benefits of the new covenant?

Tags: binding, circumstances, faith, fear, forgiveness, heart, loosing, Matthew 16, New Covenant

Does living by the Spirit mean keeping the Ten Commandments? How do we recognize the Holy Spirit? What is meaning of the Parable of the Talents? Is it possible that I have been severed from Christ? Should my wife be baptized again? Are there membership requirements to take communion?

Tags: baptism, Christ, communion, parable, parable of the talents, severed, spirit, talents, Ten Commandments

Why is there so much talk about revival? Is there something wrong with the church? Is that how God sees us? What does real spiritual maturity look like? I have a friend who is dying and believes in the health-wealth gospel. How can I help him?

Tags: church, Gospel, growth, healing, health, identity, maturity, revival, sickness, wealth

Can you elaborate on the reason why we don’t need to recite the Lord’s Prayer? Why are there so many denominations? It seems like we should be finding our identity in Christ instead. If all of our sins have been forgiven, then why does Hebrews say we will not see God without holiness? What does this mean?

Tags: denominations, forgivness, holiness, identity, Lord's prayer

Why don’t we need to recite the Lord’s Prayer? My friends believe in guaranteed healing- that God wants to heal everyone. What should I tell them? If we are once saved, always saved, then what is the meaning of the Parable of the Sower?

Tags: eternal security, healing, Lord's prayer, parable, salvation, seeds, sower

How does God view the church today? Does He see us as lazy, falling asleep, and passive? The Lord’s Prayer says one must ask for forgiveness. Is this the way for believers today to continually be more forgiven? Why does the prayer sound so conditional?

Tags: ask, church, conditional, forgivness, hypocrisy, identity, Lord's prayer, sermon on the mount

How do you listen to the Holy Spirit? What if someone accepted Jesus while they were inebriated? I enjoy writing fantasy books from a Christian perspective. Is that okay?

Tags: creativity, freedom, Holy Spirit, salvation, wisdom

Does 2 Peter 3:17 mean we can lose our salvation? Does sin cause a rift between us and God? Why does 1 Corinthians 10 cite the punishment of Israel if believers are not punished by God? Why does Paul say we have “all things” in 1 Corinthians 3? What role does the renewing of the mind play? Should I counsel my mom to divorce my dad? So many teachers online say we can lose our salvation. What should we do about this? How should we view James 1?

Tags: 1 Corinthians 10, 1 Corinthians 3, 2 Peter 3:17, all things, counseling, divorce, James 1, punishment, renewing the mind, rift, salvation

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