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Who are the rulers and authorities mentioned in Ephesians? Which version of the Bible is the most accurate or reliable? What’s going on with the parable about the wedding clothes? What about the virgins who had no oil in their lamps?

Tags: accuracy, authorities, Bible, clothes, Ephesians, lamps, oil, parable, rulers, versions, virgins, wedding

Do we really not have free will? How does the salvation decision factor in? I feel like my old self has come back to life. What’s really happening?

Tags: flesh, free will, old self, salvation, temptation

Do we really have “free will”? I know we are sanctified, but aren’t we also being sanctified? I’m dating a Messianic Jew and wondering if I should let her share her beliefs with my kids? Will God allow you to experience more than you can handle?

Tags: allow, free will, God, handle, Messianic Jew, more, nature, salvation, sanctified

Do we need to pray a “sinner’s prayer” to be saved? What does James 5:19 mean about rescuing a sinner and covering sins? What does it really mean to approach the throne of grace with boldness? What are your thoughts on “Lordship Salvation”?

Tags: boldness, covering, James 5:19, Lordship, salvation, sinner, sinner’s prayer, throne of grace

How do so many people misinterpret Scripture to say we can lose our salvation? What are your thoughts on the age of accountability? I heard that a child will be raptured if at least one of their parents is a Christian. True? Why do so many pastors teach that Christians can be possessed by a demon?

Tags: accountability, age, demons, possession, rapture, salvation, security

How can I serve and bear fruit with a healthy motivation? Can we forgive others but still have healthy boundaries with them? I have trouble forgiving myself. What should I do? Did God create evil? How can I share the Gospel with my young grandchildren?

Tags: bear fruit, boundaries, children, evangelism, evil, forgiveness, motivation, serve

Have I committed the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? Why does Hebrews 11:13 say they didn’t receive what was promised? Are we really supposed to hate our relatives? What is Jesus saying in Luke 14:26? And how does it apply to Christians today?

Tags: blasphemy, born again, cross, crucified with Christ, dividing line, hate, Hebrews 11:13, Holy Spirit, love, Luke 14:26, New Covenant, new creation, Old Testament

Is repentance necessary for salvation? Can we know who is saved and who is not? What are your thoughts on the movement called “Lordship salvation”? Why did Jesus say “many are called, but few are chosen”?

Tags: called, chosen, lordship salvation, repentance, salvation

Will all of Israel be saved? Can unbelievers or children participate in the Lord’s Supper? Why does 1 John say Jesus is our Advocate? Is He up in Heaven constantly arguing on our behalf with an angry Father?

Tags: 1 John, advocate, children, finished work, Israel, Lord’s Supper, partiality, saved, unbelievers

Is the foot washing in John 13 symbolic of our partial forgiveness and need for daily touchups through confession? What do you think about fearing God? Paul told Timothy that all Scripture is useful for teaching, so how does the Law factor in?

Tags: cleansing, confession, fearing God, foot washing, forgiveness, grace, John 13, Law, New Covenant, Scripture

Special Teaching Edition: What does it mean to be “complete” in Christ? Is there really a “second blessing” or “second baptism”? How can the Christian life be a life without rules? What is the best way to fight temptation?

Tags: alive to God, baptism, complete, dead to sin, Holy Spirit, rules, second blessing, sin, temptation

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